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How Planet Earth was Formed

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"How Planet Earth was Formed"
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Scientist theorized that when the solar system formed some 4 and half billion to 5 billion years ago that the cause of the formation of the planets was due to the fact that a heavy gravitational field that formed from the sun as it exploded to life started to pull at objects within its gravitational field towards the star, as these objects where pulled in they started to collide with one and other forming bigger objects, as these objects got bigger they formed there own gravitational fields eventually having enough gravitational force of its own to move around the sun instead of into it like most smaller objects did at the time (of course 9 objects became planets).

But for 1 planet it started a chain of events that lead to your modern day human species, of course this nearly did not happen, for when earth was still molten rock it was struck by a comet that was so big it took out a quarter of the planet which is now our moon.

the distance to the moon from earth is in the region of 400,000 km and the distance from the sun to earth is 93 million miles which is just right for life to bloom on our world.
The orbit of earth is also very good for us because when the moon formed earth kept it just inside its gravitational field so that it circled our planet but earths orbit is not circular it is egg shaped this is why we get the four seasons winter,spring,summer and autumn but our orbit did pose one problem we where a target for comets, asteroids, meteorites and meteors but the moon took most of the impacts and so if it was for that one comet the planet would have been hit so many times that life might not have started on earth.

And so with the constant dangers in the universe its a wonder that earth even exists today i guess where just lucky.

With regards to the creation theory what a load of rubbish 7 days to create the sun and planets and put life on one of them. if that where true why didn't god put life on all the planets in the universe its rubbish science has the answers to the creation of the planets just read the article above there's no denying it.

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