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How Planet Earth was Formed

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"How Planet Earth was Formed"
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As I sit ..

looking through my window I notice the concrete world outside and I begin to take great pleasure in the two blossom trees that I can spy huddled in the brief gap of the buildings across the street, I wander with my thoughts, I'm in no rush to reel them in as I am content to leave the office and its fast paced environment for a few moments and take a step back to appreciate the beauty that the natural world offers us, the blossoms blowing gracefully around and petals dancing away in the wind, there are birds circling and flowers blooming , the beauty of this world holds me for a moment for all this beauty is there for our enjoyment all delivered from a world in which we have found ourselves cohabiting with natures designs, because we do simply cohabit, we don't own it,we have no proof of purchase or ownership certificates we have no title deeds or log books and we certainly haven't married it, well maybe some have and my respect for the tree huggers of this world is immeasurable, I think that maybe these are the only people who could stake their claim on the land if mother nature ever tries to divorce us, the rest of us however simply have a rental agreement with her as we are simply her tenants on this glorious land , renting our space, living out our lives until it is time to move on to the great glorious spiritual plains on the next floor above us, maybe ..I ask myself that this is why this world is treated with so little respect from the majority, people cutting down rain forests, killing animals, building on our green landscapes and turning beautiful skylines into nothing more than sky scrapers, my conclusions differ and thoughts tumble through my mind but one thing is clear it is people know that this lavish land is not theirs and I believe that they are unable to respect and take responsibility for it as that deep down they are aware this belongs to someone else, their right , it does, and the owner is mother nature, our landlord , but surely she expects us to take pride in her portfolio of fabulous residences, who else would tolerate such disregard for their property who else would continue to let you reside in their space that they so carefully created, well I am thinking now and maybe she isn't prepared to let us stay here rent free for much longer, after all, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes could very well be her way of evicting us, she may want ownership, we didn't pay a bond! We have nothing to claim back and even if we had there really is no way we could ever expect her to return it, we have wrecked her sitting rooms, polluted her water tank and trampled her gardens and unless we stop freeloading and start to rebuild the damage we have caused and pay our respects to her she may well see us all as homeless by the turn of the next century and what then, where will we go? Maybe we could look up those tree huggers and hope that they need a lodger.. or two

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