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Mood rings are more than just toys. Mood rings are based on the same scientific principles used in temperature sensitive biofeedback sessions where sensors are attached to a person's fingers or feet to measure changes in skin temperature. Mood rings use the same principle and work by changing their color in response to changes in skin temperature. The "stone" in a mood ring is a liquid crystal display (LCD) either in liquid form encased in glass or a flat LCD covered with a glass "lens.

The LCD in the mood ring is very sensitive to small temperature variations and will change color as the internal, molecular structure of the LCD twists in response to the temperature of the wearer's skin. The colors in a mood ring range from pure black, through gray, amber, green, blue green, blue and finally dark blue. The rings are calibrated to an average person's skin temperature and show green when the person's mood is normal.

It's common for your body temperature to drop during periods of stress. This phenomenon is due to constriction of the blood vessels. If a mood ring is working properly, it will show as black when you are under stress. Biofeedback teaches a person to practice relaxation techniques that relax the blood vessels and bring your temperature back to normal or beyond.

Think of your mood ring as a portable biofeedback device. If you are wearing a one that is showing black, by practicing the relaxation techniques, you can monitor how well you're doing as the ring changes colors and learn to control stress.

When your mood ring is a healthy dark blue, it means you are either very happy, passionate or both.

Variations of the mood ring appear from time to time. A popular one was the mood card. The size and shape of a credit card, the mood card used the same LCD principle as the mood ring, but with the card, you held the sensitive LCD patch between thumb and forefinger. The results were the same.

Are mood rings silly, or can they give you valuable information about your emotional state? Mood rings were a fad back in the 1970's and were undoubtedly designed for fun. Wear your mood ring and all your friends could tell at a glance what kind of day your were having. Your significant other could see just by looking if you were turned on or not (as if they needed to look at a ring).

Since mood rings use temperature biofeedback principles and can be quite accurate, there's no reason why a person couldn't use them seriously. A mood ring might be just the thing to help you relax.

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