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How Molestation Survivors Function

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"How Molestation Survivors Function"
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How molestation survivors function in society

Molestation is something horrible for any child to have to experienced. They are forced to grow up with that memory and it is like living in a steel cage. Molested children become adults that are forced to live with the thought that they were victims of this crime. However, some people can carry on with their lives as if it has never happened, perhaps blocking that memory from their minds in order to live a normal life or it's a way their mind protects them from going insane over it.

I know of some people who were molested and I can't paint a pretty picture for some of their lives. Some are filled with unforgiveness and hatred in their hearts which may be justified for what they've gone through, but hatred eats away at the core of their souls. Some people have turned to alcohol and drugs or have become suicidal. For a survivor of molestation to function in society he or she has to learn to let go of the past, maybe even forgive the perpetrator. This works best if you have a psychiatrist or therapist. Some people find it therapeutic to confront their molesters.

It's even more devastating if the molester is a member of your family like a father, brother or uncle. Just remember that others have gone through this too. Never think that you are alone. Needless to say, don't be ashamed because it wasn't your fault. Finding a support group in your community can be helpful. You can be around others who have experienced molestation, too.

Unfortunately, some children who have been molested grow up and become molesters too. It's not because they are evil people, but because they have been hurt and it affected them mentally and emotionally. Anyone who has been raped or molested should seek help. Never try and handle anything own your own. Don't hold any of this in so talk to a trusting friend or relative.

Don't confront the molester alone. There are many places you can seek help if you or someone you know have been the victim of molestation. 1-800-4-a-child is a number you can call and report child abuse.  Your local police or the united way can even help you or even the national center for missing and exploited children.

Don't procrastinate, make sure you seek the help you need for yourself or another child. Here's a tip, There isn't a statute of limitation on child abuse, so if you're an adult you can possibly press charges on the molester.

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