How Math is used in the Real World despite what Students say

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"How Math is used in the Real World despite what Students say"
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Math, just like languages is one of the most vital subject required for survival. Without a strong knowledge of math in this new day and age, life would be very difficult. A lot of students complain about math i.e. its difficulty etc., but there are many uses for the different topics you learn in maths. For example simple daily shopping requires some knowledge of math especially where money computations are involved. Trigonometry, calculus etc. are used widely by engineers on a daily basis. I am a chemical engineer myself and I must admit, I use math on a daily basis for financial computations related to the process industry, project calculations etc. Civil engineers or architects would use stuff like trigonometry when design roofs for building etc. Mechanical engineers would use volume and area calculations when doing design stuff or drawings etc.

Forensic scientists can use differential equations to determine how long a person has been dead (used extensively in murder cases etc.). In fact your life can be modeled by a differential equation since your life is actually a quantity changing with time. Statistics etc. come in handy for jobs which involve regular graph or pie chart construction to show trends. The usage of math is limitless, it is used by everyone unless you are a caveman (and probably even they could have used it for counting stones). Therefore despite what students say, a knowledge of math is very much needed for survival therefore every student should appreciate it and 'open' their mind towards it.

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