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Mammatus Clouds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; June 2, 1973

How Man Made Clouds are Creating Global Warming

Mammatus Clouds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; June 2, 1973
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"How Man Made Clouds are Creating Global Warming"
Caption: Mammatus Clouds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; June 2, 1973
Image by: From NOAA Photo Library and NSSL
© Public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. NOAA.

Does global warming exist? Is it caused by man? If warming is caused by human activity, what activities are those?

According to NOAA and NASA reports, global warming stopped in 1997. Since then the global temperatures have remained the same or cooled slightly. The evidence for climate change is undeniable, but a great debate is ongoing focusing on whether or not human technology is really at cause.

Some scientists attribute climate change to an increase in greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. Other scientists dismiss that and say the root cause is driven by water vapor in the atmosphere and the activity of the sun.

Now a new hypothesis has emerged that zeroes in on an activity of man that may be exacerbating climate change and also significantly affecting solar radiation.

Climate change and artificial clouds

Climate researcher Dave Dahl has ignited new debate about the relationship between possible activities promoting climate change and artificial clouds, specifically cloud-seeding technology deployed to encourage precipitation. He's produced a 28-minute video posted on Youtube to illustrate his hypothesis and how such geoengineering can affect the weather in the short term (desired affect) and the climate in the long term (an unintended consequence). The complete video is available at his website.

A way to modify weather, cloud seeding has been experimented with mixed results since the early 1900s. Until a method that was able to produce a high percentage of success was invented during the late 1950s, seeding clouds to cause rainfall was considered by many as a pseudo-science.

The technological breakthrough came from the experiments of Dr. Bernard Vonnegut, brother of famous novelist, Kurt. As the results appeared to work, cloud seeding operations began to spread in earnest across America. Eventually, the technology was adopted by other countries of the world. In the past few years refinements in the geoengineering of atmospheric precipitation has moved into the realm of lasers and specially designed rockets.

Dahl notes in the video that, "We started cloud seeding in the 1940s using dry ice. But in the 1960s we started using silver iodide, and its use has grown exponentially every decade since then. Now the majority of states in the US use silver iodide for weather modification to increase precipitation."   

Squeezing the atmosphere like a sponge to trigger rain from clouds has unintended side effects over time. For instance, making it rain in one state or country might mean that rainfall won't occur in another state or country where the rain normally would fall. Therefore, artifical droughts can happen as the condensation cycle has been interrupted and mutated.

"I had been studying artificial clouds for over six years before discovering that we spray silver iodide at high altitudes around the entire Earth, and we do that in many states before every single rain or snow storm," quotes Dahl. "Counties in dry states like California believe they can get 10-15% more water cheaply by expanding storm clouds in their area. But what happens when every state is doing it? There's only so much water in the atmosphere, and every state wants it."

Silver iodide and JP-8 jet fuel exhaust

Seeing a relation between silver iodide at high altitude and its interaction with the exhaust of commercial jet aircraft burning JP-8 fuel, Dahl hypothesises that the linear tracks that don't dissipate that some have named "chemtrails" are really normal contrails that have been chemically changed and eventually turn the sky murky.

"The combustion of jet fuel produces water and the water is emitted as steam that instantly freezes and bonds with the silver iodide particles. We're increasing cloud cover through our precipitation enhancement programs. And our most knowledgeable scientists say that clouds affect the climate more than the expected effects of greenhouse gases like CO2."

Chemtrails and climate change

In one brilliant explanation, Dahl has managed to provide a very logical answer for chemtrails and for a root cause of geoengineered climate change.

Modification of the long term climate on a significant scale is unlikely as humans do not have the technology to effectively terraform a planet. That capability may nor be achieved until far into the future.

Yet natural climate change can be unintentionally modified, accelerated or slowed by affecting the dynamics of the atmosphere and precipitation. That is exactly what Dahl argues cloud seeding is doing.

Dave Dahl invites people to contact him to discuss his theory at [email protected]/

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