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How Humanity can Start to Eliminate Acid Rain

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"How Humanity can Start to Eliminate Acid Rain"
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Acid rain is both a manmade, and a natural process. We cannot stop volcanoes from erupting, but we can reduce emissions from industries that are the greatest contributors to the problem.

Sulfur and nitrogen emissions are the demonic gasses that begin the cycle we call acid rain. As moisture condenses in the atmosphere, and falls as rain, these pollutants are carried within the moisture as an acidic compound which affects all that it comes in contact with. Within the northeastern and north central regions of the United States, this condition exists with commonality.

The blame lies in two areas, high levels of industrialization and mining operations. We must find ways to reduce these emissions by innovative means of control. The industrial component involved with the generation of electricity could be controlled somewhat by utilizing more clean energy sources such as hydro electricity plants, and nuclear energy.

Similar acid rain conditions have also been noted in the Florida Everglades area, Gulf Coast areas, and the San Francisco Bay areas. The causes are probably the same in those areas, as well.

Humanity's contribution on an individual level is essential if we are to make any significant headway on problems such as this one. We are wasteful of energy, and deserve the label of being known as the "throw away society". When we change our way of thinking, we can start to eliminate the problems that we are creating.

We need to stop wasting energy first by restricting our use of automobiles. Unnecessary packaging of products should be eliminated. Re-using containers instead of throwing them away saves energy. Heating and cooling our homes and offices to minimum degrees for functionality would also be helpful.

Instead of maximizing our personal creature comforts to the ultimate degree, man's goals should be to maximize our planet's potential to remain a viable ecosystem that will support our children, and grand children in the manner that we have enjoyed.

Each person can do his part to help eliminate acid rain by simply making some effort to contribute to the solution, instead of being part of the problem. Politicians need to have their feet "held to the fire" regarding legislation to insure cleaner air, or the future of our planet is going to resemble the present existence of our neighbor, Mars. Being a friend of the Earth is not such a difficult thing to do!

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