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How Forensic Experts Collect Evidence

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"How Forensic Experts Collect Evidence"
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Forensics is a science that is used most often in cases involving the legal system.  This is a very important field in that it can lead to the discovery of many things which may not otherwise be known with any degree of certainty.  The science of forensics is a great asset to the modern legal system because it helps to answer the important questions that can solve crimes which have occurred.  A person can be found guilty or not guilty of a crime based almost solely on forensic evidence.  You can probably see why these scientific experts are so very essential to an effective legal system.

When a crime is committed or there is suspicion that one has been, there are many people who become involved in the case.  There are police officers, detectives, district attorneys, possibly judges and/or medical examiners, as well as forensic experts.  The forensic experts are some of the first people who are allowed to enter the crime scene.  This is so that the potential crime scene is not disturbed and is as intact as possible when they collect the evidence that will tell the story of what has taken place in the area.

When forensic experts enter the crime scene, they must try to do so without any preconceived notions about what has happened there.  This is so that they can analyze the scene properly and fully, not missing a thing because of assumptions which can blind them to something very important.  There are many things that would be missed by the untrained eye, but are seen clearly by a forensics expert.  Some of the most important things that these experts can collect are fibers, hairs, fingerprints or footprints, blood, and/or other sources of DNA.

Some of the items that are collected by forensic experts, which will be used to solve a crime, find and convict a criminal, or determine that no foul play was involved at all, will be taken and packaged very carefully to be transported to a lab or other facility to be further analyzed.  Other evidence, which cannot be physically removed in whole, will be measured, marked, and photographed. 

Forensics is considered one of the sciences and is an extremely important part of our legal system.  Without forensics experts who are well-trained in what to look for and how to find even the smallest clue, there would likely be many crimes which would go unsolved.  There would also be a much higher chance of people being wrongfully convicted of crimes.  Forensics experts collect the evidence that is such an integral part of our modern legal system.

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