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How Ecosystems can be Interrelated

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"How Ecosystems can be Interrelated"
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Our ecosystems can be thought of an example widely used to describe the equal distribution of strength. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."
This can be said about our ecosystems as well. Every living organism from plant life to the microorganisms has a place in keeping our ecosystem functioning the way it should.

Take away any one element for keeping the balance, and it has a domino effect. Perhaps not so noticeable in the immediate future, but somewhere down the line it's effects will be made.

Few can imagine how many insects birds consume each year for example. If something were to happen to cause our bird population to be extinct, we could not live on this planet as a result of a growth in the insect world.

Birds annually eat enough insects that if what they ate were to be spread across the entire United States; it would cover the country with an 8" deep layer of insects.

There are numerous examples of how the effect of one or more species of animals and even insects would cause for such an imbalance so as to affect our everyday lives.

The mosquito which everyone I'm sure feels has no place or meaning in this world except for being a blood sucking nuisance.
On the contrary, the larvae they produce in ponds keep fish alive. They love the nectar of flowers, and so they are responsible for pollinating other plants as they go from on to the other.

So no matter what we look at as being unnecessary on this planet, it's there for a reason, and it's not up to us to decide what is good or what is bad.
Look at what is happening as a result of our rain forests.

How long before we feel the real effects of our lack of understanding how important they are for our survival. A little too late perhaps, but all is not lost unless we continue to not address the problem.

Ecosystems depend on one another. It is the very essence of what life on this planet is all about. We are ignorant to what was either accidental or planned, it doesn't matter. We as humans stand a chance to lose our mother ship earth as a vehicle for survival if our cancerous ways of affecting our ecosystems doesn't stop.

We can't continue to rape the planet without dire consequences. We have to learn to live and co-exist with all the other forms of life that make up our complex system for life. If not for ourselves in our lifetime, we have to think of future generations for what it will mean to them if we do not address the growing concerns about our ecosystems.

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