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How does your Country Handle their Garbage Problem

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"How does your Country Handle their Garbage Problem"
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A rubbis British story!

I, like most of you, recycle. Not everyone does, it is optional at the moment. We can let the likes of students off from not putting anything in the bin, liberally sprinkling it around their rented house and garden instead, because they are really cool and groovy. But however many bits I meticulously and responsibly sort out and put in the right colored boxes and bins I know it will have little effect on saving the environment, especially if most people don't sort their stuff. Yes I'm appeasing my lower middle class guilt by recycling and I'm happy with the opportunity to do that. But what would pee me off is that if the people that do meticulously sort their rubbish like they are panning for gold or something are the ones to be targeted with those domestic bin charges about to come in, via the demonic David Milliband, denied the top job because he's Jewish, I suspect a very angry and board environment minister who will make us all to pay. As with any other Blair policy and fining system, it target those who can pay, not the people who can't and wont pay, the ones who commit most of the offences. Make no mistake guys this surcharge is because recycling doesn't pay and the fact it's having no effect on the UKs pollution cuts means it will quickly become a bin tax.

You see the problem with recycling is it's expensive, it loses money. Most of the contracts to collect card, plastic, glass and tin are given to private companies, leaving the council dust carts unused on certain days of the week. Those carts produce Co2 emmisions. For some reason the same carts can't now muster weekly collections in half the country, even though they now collect less rubbish that they did three years ago in recycling boroughs. Labor, obsessed with stealth and local taxes, can only see pound signs over the rubbish issue and a chance to hit the people doing what there told to do with yet more taxes. Can you imagine those messy students and council house paying riff-raff paying those fines and rubbish surcharges? Exactly!

49% of all court and penalty fines are never paid. You won't be surprised to learn that the people who don't pay them are the ones that did the bulk of the offences across the crime spectrum. To make up some of that lost revenue you have to fine people who will pay through a sense of duty and fear of the law.

I will admit that the fortnightly collection works for us. It encourages me to recycle to reduce the main black bag (now called white bags for ethnic diversity reasons) collection in my town and I'm sure reduces landfillwell at least in the UK. The rows of colored trays and bins are impressive to see lined up in the street, on time and regimented as a kit inspection in a basic training barracks at Aldershot.

Of course the recycling machine is not as efficient as we are being told. If you go bye the slalom of empty trays in the middle of the path after they have been emptied the bin men don't think much to it either. Stories of our junk mail turning up in Nigeria and China to be buried are common. I'm sure the profit margin in recycling is minimum if one third of our non recyclable trash is shipped off to china to be hidden, which it effectively is.

After the bin men have rumbled down your street, a blizzard of lose card, stray cans and plastic bottles ironically will inevitably litter the street, those eager and bored pensioners soon out tidying their bit of pavement.. Not every piece of trash gets to disappear in the vacuum of the trash trucks. Such is the paper trail from our trucks you would think Tony Soprano is running the two dime operation. But urban legend has it that if we were to dare to put the wrong piece of trash in the wrong colored tray then woe-be-tide, a fifty pound fine soon winging your way, sure to go in the wrong bin again by irate householders, still picking up the mess left by the frantic bin men.

I'm a big fan of mandatory recycling and at least it gets us into a place in our heads that we become aware of how quickly the world's oil and resources will run out if we don't start cutting back. But if we start getting hit by fines and surcharges surely the incentive to recycle will be taken away, many of us mumbling that what ever we do China are messing it up with their coal powered stations going up every month so what's the point?. I fear that councils will introduce charges and it will put people off splitting their rubbish, a lot of good work wasted and the rats going hungry again. I saw a huge one the other night after coming back from the pub. Size of a flucking cat I tell ya!
Milliband, make sure this rubbish tax is discounted or at least breaks even on the council tax for those who religiously recycle. If it doesn't then you will be fired pal.

Summary: Bin tax to come.

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