How Decreases in American Labor Jobs Affect Mens self Esteem

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"How Decreases in American Labor Jobs Affect Mens self Esteem"
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The jobs of laborers, something that the whole world has seen since the first light of earth. There have been slaves for so many centuries that have much vocation on great works of art such as the Pantheon and the great pyramids of Giza. This labor work has been instilled into many minds of human males even today, it seems like it is just part of who we are, and in America laborious work has been decreasing more often than not.

American labor jobs are spiraling out of ignition with America’s economy and many men are feeling beat up about it. This can affect a human’s self confidence truly, in a way that others may not notice as much as the person who is experiencing it. Self esteem is much more than self assurance, it brings up the questions of “Do I deserve the right to be happy?”, “Am I getting neglected?” For a hard working man, this can be a downfall when it comes to getting that little slip, telling them they have been laid off of a job.

Not having a hard working job is tough for someone who is use to the labor, they feel they need to get back out there and push themselves to excel. There is a form of masculinity that goes along with this choice of work and not having it around them at all anymore is a harsh reality. A man’s self esteem plummets down quickly after being told they cannot hold up their performance anymore. Of course, employers across the country do not realize the psychological harm that this entails.

When a laborer gets told they simply cannot work anymore, it affects the brain greatly rising up all different kinds of questions if they are worthy of even working in the same field as they have. These destructive thoughts can tear a man to pieces little by little and can cause a great force of depression. This is something that should not occur by any circumstances and a man should seek the help of someone who they can rely on. They need someone to let them know it was not them at fault, and how good they are at providing the effort and efficiency they had while they worked long and hard hours.

Unfortunately, the main reason why this subject would decrease a man’s self esteem is because they find themselves not strong enough. They put it all on themselves rather than the real reason why it has taken place. They feel they are not as masculine and virile enough to keep this rough and tough job. Studies show that encouraging laboring men and telling them they are capable of many tasks, can help them over time to gain that confidence and value right back into their hand !      

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