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How conserving energy can impact the planet and reduce CO2 emissions

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"How conserving energy can impact the planet and reduce CO2 emissions"
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Just as small jigsaw pieces placed together create a pretty puzzle, if people put some effort in preserving energy every day, our planet would be a better place for all people and future generations to come. It really does not take much to conserve energy; no need for big sacrifices and if you are a penny pincher, in the long run, saving energy will also save you money.

In an ideal world, energy conservation methods should be practiced by all, but unfortunately there are many people that may not be willing to volunteer. The reasons behind this reluctance can be related to the fact that some people do not like changes in their lifestyles or are too lazy to put some effort in making these changes happen. However, these changes are not enormous and with time, they may not even be felt anymore. Following are a few tips on how to conserve energy without sacrificing lifestyles too much.

Seal your house

Each winter, leaks in windows and doors may cause cold drafts to enter your home significantly increasing your energy bill and CO2 emissions. You can literally feel these cold drafts coming into your home and stealing your heat during cold, windy days. Sealing your house can help you save at least $100 dollars a year in energy bills. Have your home insulated or insulate it yourself and you will save money, conserve energy, reduce harmful emissions and stay warm and healthy.

Wash with cold water

Every time you use your washing machine, try to use cold or warm water instead of hot. You will notice that the clothes will come out still clean, while you will be saving money and saving planet earth from hundreds of pounds of CO2. Also, try replacing your water heater when it is getting pretty old.

Use a dishwasher

This is a big plus for those with busy lifestyles. Washing dishes by hand makes you waste much more water than how much water is used by the dishwasher. However, try to scrape the dishes prior to getting them in the dishwasher but do not waste extra water in rinsing them, just scrape the food off and put them in the dishwasher, which will take care of everything.

Replace the desktop computer

No, do not toss it and replace it with another desktop, but rather invest in a laptop. Look for an energy efficient laptop that proudly displays the Energy Star logo. Try as well to set it to hibernate when not in use. Doing so can save planet earth from hundreds of pounds of CO2 each year. The nice thing about laptops is that you can take them with you everywhere you go, in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. A great solution for those that cannot live a minute of their life without surfing.

These are just a few of many different approaches that can be taken by everyone that cares about conserving energy but are not willing to make major sacrifices. The more people that attempt to follow energy saving strategies, the biggest and more relevant the impact on our planet.

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