How can Anger Turn into Hate

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"How can Anger Turn into Hate"
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Harboring and nursing anger is dangerous because it can set a person up for problems in the future and make us do things that we normally wouldn't do. Everyone has feelings and some are more sensitive than others. But holding onto the anger instead of releasing it will have negative effects on a persons well being and life.

In High School, kids are notorious for gossiping. They talk about who's dating who, secrets they know about others, and anything else to discredit the person that they're not happy with. They'll stop at nothing just to tear down another person just because they were wronged. Unfortunately adults, men and women alike also take part in this type of childish behavior. When someone gets hurt they want their offender to hurt too and they'll gossip, lie, and even dredge up things from a person's past to use against them.

Another way anger can manifest itself is through revenge. "You're gonna pay for that", is commonly heard in children's cartoons in a comedic way. But plans to pay back someone for what they did is a reality. Sabotaging other's work and forging documents are just two things that people do in the corporate world to get revenge. Not only is it childish, it's completely unethical.

Any amount of stress can take a toll on a person's body and mind. What starts as anger can cause a persons overall health to suffer. When we carry something on our shoulders, it weighs down the body and the mind. Because of this, our eating habits, sleeping patterns, and energy can be depleted. This can bring on sickness and also lead to depression.

When a relationship is having problems, it sometimes affects other relationships in our lives. Even though one person hurts us, our unwillingness to let it go can actually cause a person to turn their anger toward others that aren't involved. We can be short tempered, bitter, frustrated, and down right ugly to those that we care about. Although they aren't the ones that hurt us, they can become our victim.

We've all been told things like "forgive and forget", "turn the other cheek", and "never go to bed angry". These are great words of advice that we should take to heart and put into practice. Although it can be hard and sometimes we feel unwilling, it will help us in the future.

Unforgiveness leads to anger and anger to hate. Harboring this emotion will not add any years to your life nor will it solve any problems. Letting go of the anger will give us the freedom to walk and live in peace

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