How Anger Turns into Hate

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"How Anger Turns into Hate"
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"Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate"

- Yoda

To start this off, I would like to let the audience know that I am in fact a rage-oholic. Many little things can irritate me, many big things infuriate me. There are also a lot of things that I hate. What is the difference you ask? Many philosophers have pondered the meaning of what exactly hate is, I think hate has a different meaning and context for almost everyone that uses it. For me it is an incurable, transcendent dislike towards a person, place, object, activity... etc that the mind has absolutely sensationalized to the point of no return. Hate begins when anger continues.

One of the ways anger turns into hate is when it builds up, or overflows if you will. Hate is a more irrational response than anger is. Anger is one of the many reactions that is a part of a human being's evolved self preservation instincts. Anger is also a more open expression of your emotion, it can be seen on an individuals facial expression that they are irritated or angry. Hate is different. You can't see it on an individuals face, you can only see it on their face when they see the object of their hate.

When exactly does anger turn into hate?

This transformation happens when you become so angry or infuriated with something or someone that you are not able to express it with a facial expression or an action. It manifests in one's mind, instead of on their face or actions. A few things that can set off the chain reaction of anger into hate are:

- Unresolved disputes

- Unresolved inequalities

- Religious differences

- Ethnic differences

- Repeated annoyances

Another instance when anger can turn to hate is when an individual simply does not have the resources to deal with their anger. A prime example of this would be being bullied in a situation where you simply cannot defend yourself. There is no sense in getting angry over something, so it turns into a form of hatred for the bully.

A repeated annoyance such as homework (many of you will remember doing your homework "I hate homework!") or cleaning. Being obligated to complete something which you have a general distaste for can instigate the transformation from anger to hate.

Ethnic and religious disputes and discrimination such as genocide, lynching and making "hate speeches" have frequently been referred to as "Hate Crimes". These are a good example of how something so insignificant can irritate a group of people to committing a hate driven atrocity. It has been said that Adolf Hitler's anti-semetism was the result of one negative experience with them (how it actually happened is anyone's guess, as Mein Kampf is strictly a propaganda rant). How it was actually blown far enough out of proportion to incite genocide against a group of people is that Hitler allowed his anger get the best of him (and he was also given too much power for such a manipulative and evil individual).

In short hatred begins when anger doesn't end. Letting anger continue will result in a hatred towards what your anger is directed at. Snuff it out early on and there won't be a chip on your shoulder.

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