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A nervous system hormone

Hormones in the Human Body

A nervous system hormone
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"Hormones in the Human Body"
Caption: A nervous system hormone
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“All these crazy kids these days with their raging hormones!” You’ve no doubt heard the phrase once or twice, offering explanation for everything from puppy love to anger outbursts. While hormones may make for a funny sitcom, the question still remains:  just what are hormones, and what role do they play in your body?  

Hormones are chemical substances discharged from the endocrine gland into singular or multiple cells. These chemicals affect the human body in a variety of ways. The chemicals in hormones are sometimes transferred from cell to cell, and act as transmitters of important signals between these cells. An immense variety of hormones exist in the human body, offering many different types of changes. As you gaze upon this article, hormones are hard at work in your body, making your unique personality shine. Hormones are more than just a lovelorn teenage dream, they’re a powerful force! If it weren’t for hormones, you would find yourself in a whole different world:

 1. Hormones  and the body

Hormones have many direct effects on the human body from a physical standpoint. The way we look, feel, and move are all linked to the way our hormones are arranged. We all are aware that we look differently. You can thank hormones for your precious one-of-a-kind mug! Hormones are a very sensitive part of the human system , so it is no surprise that your weight fluctuates along with your hormone levels. As the hormones in the body are altered, they store more fat. The fat cells are stored where they help the body prepare for “flight-or-fight”.  The hormones aide in regulating the metabolism, directly effecting weight and outer appearance.  

2. Hormones and the mind

 While the hormones hold some power over the outside of the body, it is the mental stability that hormones are so prized for. Hormones regulate nearly every aspect of the human personality- what we like and don’t like, believe and don’t believe, and even the way we react to certain conflicts. The hormones are the “unique” factory of the body.  Your traits, all of which are unique to you only, are available due to the makeup of hormones in your constantly growing brain. While it relates directly to the way we perceive things, it also affects the mood. Changes in hormones can be responsible for rapid mood swings, depression, and impulsivity.

 3.Hormones and the lifestyle

Hormones are a vital aspect of the human body, that is for sure. While the vast amount of regularity hormones provide is great, there are still many more secrets surrounding them that scientists wish to unlock. In addition to the physical and mental, hormones are responsible for a few very specific tasks. Transmitting information to the brain, growing and changing the body for reproduction, and maintaining an  equilibrium are among only a few of the many reasons hormones are so vital to the body.  As you finish your morning coffee and walk out the door, take a second to think about the hormones your own body has and uses to make you special. Here’s to hormones!

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