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When the wind is blowing take note - a home windmill is a fantastic free source of energy. If you are thinking of ways to save home energy then an energy producing windmill should be a serious consideration. They can easily sustain enough electricity to sustain the needs of most small to medium sized homes anywhere in the world. Here are 5 fantastic reasons for using a home windmill:

1) It's FREE - depending of course what part of the country or world you live in, wind energy is almost always around you. A common misconception is that it has to be always really windy for a windmill to work to its maximum but this is simply not true. Once your home windmill is built and installed, you can be at ease, safe in the knowledge that the windy days are paying for your home energy!

2) Wind Energy is an endless resource - that's right, it's endless. From cool sea breezes to cold, wet, windy nights, they all have 1 thing in common - wind. For as long as the wind blows, you can benefit from it by having a long term, endless source of free energy - a great incentive to save home energy!

3) A Home Windmill Provides Clean Energy - Wind energy is Green Energy. It is Renewable Energy which causes far less pollution than the traditional energy producing methods such as the burning of fossil fuels and gasses. It generates no carbon or other greenhouse gas emissions and is gentle to the environment we all live in.

4) Low Maintenance - Home Windmill requires little if any maintenance at all. You can build and install your home windmill and then forget about it - nothing else to do. When built and installed correctly, a windmill will generate hundreds of hour's worth of electricity with only minimal maintenance required, if any at all.

5) Cheap to Build - yes you have heard that right! Most people probably imagine a home windmill will cost them a small fortune. Fortunately, this is not the reality. Home windmills are becoming more and more affordable which in turn is encouraging their popularity. When you also consider the saving on your electric bill, they become even more affordable than ever.

Making your own home windmill is a great and fun way to produce a sustainable alternative energy source for your home and let's not forget the great advantages clean energy has on the environment we all live in!

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