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Healing the Ozone Layer

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"Healing the Ozone Layer"
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According to reports on the progress of our ozone layer over the last ten years, it is healing. And while many people don’t quite understand the ozone layer or what it is, everyone is aware of the need to protect it. At the forefront of the fight to improve this important part of our atmosphere is the Stratospheric Protection Division of the EPA. It is their goal to regulate the emission of substances into the atmosphere that are harmful, and educate people about this vital goal and the importance of sun safety.

Their ultimate aim is to heal the hole in the ozone layer by phasing out substances that affect the ozone, and provide safer alternatives. They deal with the regulation of industrial pollution, and educate the public on how to avoid health issues from overexposure to UV radiation.

The SPD is a division of the Office of Atmospheric Programs, within the Office of Air and Radiation. It in turn, contains three other Divisions, all dealing with improving the condition of the ozone layer.

The Clean Air Markets Division monitors and aids in reducing emissions from utilities. This has been a major concern, and a major component in air quality, and one that has improved over the last 20 years.

The Climate Protection Partnerships Division is in charge of energy efficiency and promoting voluntary partnership programs.

The Climate Change Division deals with the actual science of climate change, policy issues, and what changes are helping the ozone.

The biggest concerns and goals involved with all of the programs and divisions is to eliminate ozone-depleting substances, both in industry, and in private use. The SPD is not only a regulatory division, but an instructional group that uses it’s research to promote the use of alternatives to aerosols and other gasses.

One of their main concerns is something that we take for granted in our everyday lives, but may be causing a great deal of harm when not handled property. Ozone depleting substances that are emitted into the atmosphere during the maintenance and disposal of air conditioning units and refrigeration is a constant issue.

Under the Clean Air Act, importing and producing chemicals that are dangerous to the ozone layer and prevent the healing are monitored and restricted.

Not only does the SPD monitor technology in the United States, they keep an eye on international technology, and how it affects or benefits their efforts.

They are hoping that through their efforts to regulate industry, and encourage both businesses and private citizens to become involved in cleaning the air, that the progress of the last ten years will continue.

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