Have Breakthroughs in Dna Research Led to more Harm than Good – No

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"Have Breakthroughs in Dna Research Led to more Harm than Good - No"
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Many of us are proof positive that the breakthroughs in DNA research have saved lives, identified undiagnosed conditions that cause long standing illness, suffering, decline, and death. Breakthroughs in the mapping of the human genome have led to genetic counseling, which allows couples to avoid passing on serious, even horrific genetic disorders from one generation to another.

Nothing is worse than to have pain, recurrent bouts of illness, and physical decline with no identifiable cause. For women, the inherent sexism that still happens in medicine leads to misdiagnosis of mental disorders, simply because there is no clear answer for the problem. Years ago, a woman who was suffering a complete neurological decline was accused of everything from allegations of drug abuse to "being crazy". Her neurologist took a chance, and within weeks had the answer: Huntington's Disease. Years before that, it might have taken months for the test results, or the test might not have been ordered at all.

Today, the test results can be available within days.

DNA research has produced tests that have exonerated the innocent, many of whom have been convicted and have spent most of their adult lives in prison for crimes that they did not commit. DNA research has produced the same tests to identify the guilty, so that they cannot be out in society to commit crime again and again. DNA research is going on even to prevent improper use or conduct of DNA testing, and to improve the accuracy of tests.

DNA research has allowed confirmation of paternity, rather than the tragedy of children from all economic and social classes who grow up to shocking and heartbreaking news about who their fathers truly are. Men who have loved and reared children, just to find out that they are not the father need not go through such heartbreak, and can decide to take the most important role that they will have, based on the truth and not lies.

DNA research allows the transplantation of life saving organs and reconstructive tissue that has extended so many lives. DNA research has allowed the positive identification of the remains of disaster, combat, and terrorism victims.

It is not possible to find harm in DNA research that can outweigh the good that has been done so far. There will always be those who want to exercise their depraved form of "justice" by executing and imprisoning the innocent. They will be put out of business. There will always be those who fantasize about "frankenscience" and horrible cloning experiments, or terrible abuses of scientific protocols.

There will always be malfeasance in military and scientific communities which want to create "super bugs" and deadly new diseases; or who will make terrible mistakes in introducing harmful new forms of plant and other life without knowing the effects on the environment. There will always be those who will put their lives, careers and everything that they have on the line to prevent such malfeasance.

Overall, the good from advancements in DNA research will continue to far outweigh the harm, because the most profitable advancements have been in the medical and criminal justice fields.

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