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Handwriting is becoming a Lost Art – No

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"Handwriting is becoming a Lost Art - No"
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It would be a disgrace to humanity if the written words of text, would fade away like the corner mail boxes, and public phone booths.Progress sometimes becomes a risk of setting humanity backwards, instead of going forward. Ask many senior citizens what they think about all this new technology? A great many of them resent it. The good old days were less complicated, and more sensible. Children of this generation have no idea of how things where back when their grand parents were growing up.

Handwriting was an important part of school education. Now children use computers to write in the first grade. Children use computers to write essays ,or any school project. In fact is is most likely A REQUIREMENT to use a computer, instead of writing the reports by hand. Even Authors are now required by publishing companies to submit manuscripts by computer methods.

I have been writing to inmate pen pals for over 35 years. All the communication has been in handwriting. I have keep all the letters, because I fear that the "ART" of handwriting is slowly being replaced by techical means. Millions of mail boxes have been removed from street corners. Even post offices are closing across the country. Personal letters are being written on E-mail, and every type of legal document is faxed to its destination.

We live in a different world. We are pressured to ride the tide with those who create all these devices. We don't even have a choice anymore. If things keep going on as they are, "Handwriting" will be a thing of the past. It will become an elective subject in college, in order to attempt to save it from extinction. Handwriting has been one of the most interesting inventions of mankind. It is a terrible shame that it is becoming so ignored and forgotten.

There are some things that should never be replaced, and handwriting should be one of them. Technology advances so fast, that in time much of our written words done by hand, will be considered invaluable. Millions of important information that is being recorded on computer discs, will be useless due to the newer technical advances.

It is like the old phonograph record players. .As soon as DVDs, then CDs and all the other advanced contraptions came along, the ones before the new ones were suddenly obsolete. When record players were no longer sold, because records were no longer being made, millions of perfectly good records were thrown away because they were no longer useful without the record players to play them on.

The bottom line in all this obsession toward technology is the lust for "PROFITS." It is an addiction, and citizens follow the pact, jumping on the out of control train of technology. Common sense, and simple desire to conserve, has been replaced by competition and wanting to keep up to the Jones.

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