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Groundbreaking Inventions of the 20th Century

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"Groundbreaking Inventions of the 20th Century"
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There were many, MANY inventions that changed America for the better in the 20th century such as the vacuum cleaner, color photography, the electric shaver, the computer, the ball point pen, the microwave oven, and even Velcro.

But there were few inventions that were truly groundbreaking, these few inventions include: the zipper, talking motion pictures, the traffic signal and the Band-Aid.

Now, some may disagree with me on what inventions should be considered groundbreaking, but let me try and persuade you.

The zipper was a genius invention that set the bar for laziness in America. Laziness is not a praised result of this invention, but dressing was made terribly easier and time was spared. Why spend elongated minutes tying up difficult corsets and buttoning endless miles of buttons when a quick one-two-zip was all that was required?
Difficult contraptions of clothes were now a thing of the past. We no longer dreaded the tedious exercise of dressing up, it was now a mere after-thought. Some of you may not consider this groundbreaking, but just think if we still had to tie and button every article of clothing...we'd have to leave the party before we even arrived!

The talking motion picture is more a groundbreaking invention in the form of entertainment. I've seen silent pictures, and yes, they are a delicious enjoyment. But you must admit, talking pictures allow one to to FEEL the movie more. You get more emotion out of a talking picture then you do a silent one. Who wouldn't kill to hear Charlie Chaplin woo Paulette Goddard in the movie, Modern Times, instead of reading a few words that occasionally crop up onto the screen?

The traffic signal! Isn't this invention obvious as to why it is groundbreaking? Who knows how many car accidents were had before this miracle was created?! I'm not saying there are no accidents today, because we all know there are. But traffic signals have made driving more organized. Its made it easier for people to get around, instead of having jumbles of cars try and push their way through other jumbles of cars. I think this invention is groundbreaking because it not only helped driving, but it made room for other inventions, such as roads and highways, and really made America what it is today.

The Band-Aid has to be one of the MOST groundbreaking inventions out of all the inventions in the 20th century. First off, bleeding to death was now a thing of the past. You have a cut? Plop a band-aid on top and you're set. There is almost zero risk of infection when a Band-Aid is protecting your sore. Plus, the moisture a Band-Aid creates between the skin and bandage makes healing time a short process. Just think of what times were like before the Band-Aid! Large gashes were wrapped in cloth that may or may not have been clean. Infection was almost always a given, and the cloths never really prevented excessive bleeding, just sort of masked it. I think life with Band-Aid's is so much more easier and safer. And I'm sure glad I don't have to wrap a mere paper cut in yards of tattered cloth.

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