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Groundbreaking Inventions of the 18th Century

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"Groundbreaking Inventions of the 18th Century"
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Well I have a few ground breaking inventions that come to mind. With the help of 'The Wall Chart of Discovery and Invention' (P. North, 1992), I would like to mention them. I have also provided some reasoning behind each of them, so they don't simply appear to be stolen list without any good reason. The 18th century is a very exciting time as you are about to see. It was considered to be the Age of Reason.

In 1752 Franklin experimented with a kite in a thunder storm. This led to the invention 'lightning conductor'.
In 1720 Fahrenheit made a thermometer that had a Fahrenheit scale. This is the unit for temperature in a lot of countries.
In 1720 LeBlon introduced 'color printing'. Well everything is better when it's in color.
In 1790 Jaquet Droz and Leschot made the first 'wrist watch'.
In 1760 the chemical industry was started up. It led to the development of many new elements being founded.
In 1715 Becker developed an underwater suit. This suit was fed air through a pipe from above the surface.
In 1798 Maudslay invented the first modern machine tool. It was a heavy duty workshop lathe.
In 1792 Murdock made 'methane coal gas' from heated coal.
In 1787 Garner made 'roller bearings'.
In 1794 Vaughan made 'ball bearings'.
In 1776 Bushnell invented a 'one-man submarine'.
In 1731 Hadley demonstrated his 'octant'. An octant has a mirror that is used to bring the Sun's reflection in line with the horizon. This was used in navigation only to be later passed by the 'sextant' in 1770.
In 1770 Cugnot built a steam carriage. It was able to carry a 4.5 tonne load at under 6 m/hr.
In 1743 a 'passenger lift' was fitted for the French King, Louis XV. It used weight and pulleys.
In 1769 Beran made available to Britons 'venetian blinds'.
In 1784 Bramah invented a combination lock safe.
In 1730 Timoni created an inoculation system to prevent adult smallpox.
In 1797 Jenner used cowpox to vaccinate a child against smallpox.
In 1783 Broadwood designed a 'pianoforte' in which hammers hit tight strings when the keyboard was played.
In 1790 Booth invented an 'ice yacht'.

Well that's all I have. I hope you found it all too informative!

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