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It is quite clear to me that the best energy source for the future is the radiant energy that reaches the Earth from the Sun. By using such energy there are two primary ways to produce electricity. The concentration of the rays of our Sun will produce heat for creating steam, which can power electric generators. The other way is to build vast fields covered with solar cells that convert the rays of the Sun into electricity.

Then again, either of those two electric production methods can also power hydrogen production factories, for which hydrogen can create electricity by means of fuel cells to, in turn, power our modes of ground transportation. So too, the force of running water and the force of the wind can also be used to create electricity.

Then again, besides using the forces of Nature to create electricity, animals and/or people can physically provide the energy required to generate electricity. It is true that there are a whole lot more people than there are honest jobs for those people, and this is one way to provide employment for those who are unable to make their way within a modern society. Criminals who are sentenced to hard labor can also make an honest contribution to the well being of the society.

One can also argue the fact that instead of executing those who are guilty of a capital offense they should be required to perform such hard labor until they drop dead. Instead of feeding them and supporting their lawyers within our society for many years until justice is served, just put them to work until such time when they are found innocent or guilty. If guilty, just keep them working for as long as they are alive and able to work.

Like it or not, the World's fossil fuel reserves will be gone during some time within the future. Now is clearly the time in which to develop new and/or more efficient "Green Friendly" technology for our future generations. All that is required is a whole lot of money and the brain power of some of the smartest people who are alive and seek to improve the lives of all us.

If Mankind expects to remain healthy and alive within the years to come those thousands of tons of carbon that is spewed into the air that we all breathe must be reduced, no matter how much paper money must be invested in the continued well being of all of the animals and all of the plants and all of the Human Beings that are alive and well and wish to remain that way.

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