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Like the setting and the rising Sun's image held our understanding in dimensional captivity Gravity has also had our human senses confused for centuries. Relativity was behind our confusion by providing false images of the "moving" Sun -that we have seen actually from our rotating planet.

Gravity has also cheated even the greatest minds. Sir Isaac Newton never understood that the "straight line" falling objects follow is only an illusion; a virtual reality projected into our minds by Relativity.

Imagine one 50 meter tall (approximately 170 feet) tower on the Equator for our gravitational thought experiment. As we drop an object from the top of the tower we observe a 50 meter free fall following a straight line until the object hits the ground.

Now we have to "liberate" our mind from the system of references represented by the tower and the ground.

We do know that Earth ROTATES, right? However because of Relativity's effects on our observation, we cannot see Earth's rotation. Actually on the Equator the surface of Earth moves at SUPERSONIC velocity, 464 meter per second or 1,500 feet per second that is, about Earth's axis of rotation.

It is important to keep in mind that according to our Newtonian calculations, the object we have used in the experiment needed 3.25 second to hit the ground. During the same time the Equatorial tower had moved almost 5,000 feet or 1,500 meters TOWARD EAST.

Since we were "locked in" the system of references around our own body moving in unison with Earth, we were not able to see the REAL PATH the falling object had followed. The "straight line" we observed from the top of the tower was the FOUR DIMENSIONAL, PROJECTED IMAGE OF THE TRUE, CURVED PATH the object was following while "traveling" alongside planet Earth.

The "straight line" therefore becomes VIRTUAL REALITY projected into our minds during our observation in TIME. Sir Isaac Newton wrote a letter to Richard Bentley in December 1692. In his letter Newton used thundering words as warning against the concept of Gravity being an "action at a distance." He wrote in his letter these words: "to think that brute matter creates an action over empty space is a trap in which no man with reasoning faculty would ever fall into."

He concluded his letter that he DID NOT KNOW what Gravity was and he left it to the readers to decide. Albert Einstein had a better vision about Gravity. He had "seen" that falling objects follow a curved path but he did not declare the "straight, downward line" to be a VIRTUAL REALITY. To reach a better, more complete understanding of Gravity we must exclude the "straight line" from our thinking of Gravity. This will be the next step in the science of gravitation similar to the moment when it was first understood that the Sun does NOT orbit our planet. The TRUTH because of Relativity, was the exact opposite. Earth is orbiting the Sun.

The reality about Gravity is that fallen objects move SLOWER on the ground than on the top of the tower BEFORE the fall. Gravity is therefore NOT ACCELERATION it is DECELERATION.

This is easier to understand if we think about the tower as an addition to Earth's radius. By Earth's rotation any object in elevated position moves FASTER about Earth's axis of rotation compared to the ground level at the same coordinates. (In elevated positions the tangential velocity about earth's axis is greater than on the ground coordinates at the same location.)

The parallel between the two major discoveries is clear: the Sun does not orbit the Earth and the falling objects are not accelerating during their free fall. All what we see is the result of Relativity's effects on our human senses. Gravity had tricked even the greatest minds while Relativity had prevented a better understanding of the phenomena until our time.

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