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Isolating the Higgs Boson particle in the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Switzerland has provided evidence for the near fifty year old theory of the standard model of modern physics.  The Higgs Boson particle is also known as the  God particle due to its ability to create mass in matter.  This is evidence of a true energy field, according to researchers.

Like a thick syrup that permeates the universe, the particle and its field slows down quarks and electrons that all matter is made from. The Higgs field allows that instead of nothingness and void, the cosmos is instead filled with matter, such as stars, planets and ourselves.

It was British physicist Peter Higgs who first posited that the particle must exist. It is in essence, an invisible energy field, what may have once been called the Ether, or in fiction, in a much large and romantic human scope: The Force.  Of course, no quality of either malevolence or benevolence is yet attributed to the god particle as yet, at least not by objective investigators.

A new era is physics and science itself is being declared.  The search to more thoroughly explain the foundation of the standard model has taken many teams and many nations more than forty eight years. By searching through debris of more than one thousand trillion high speed collisions scientists carefully sifted through the aftermath of smashing protons together at near light speeds. They sought the evidence for a decaying Higgs, which predicted the particle would be found at about 126 electron volts. And so it was.

That the Higgs Boson exists makes it possible to prove that something can come from nothing.  Hence the term God particle. Some speculate that like an heliocentric, and not anthropocentric, (non human centered solar system), and our relationship to other biological animals, this will further divide theological truth from scientific truth. Others wonder whether having "proof" of a creation makes it more possible for people to again believe that creation proves a creator, even if that creator is the ongoing intelligence of the universe itself.

As is always the case in advancing knowledge, more questions than answers are at hand. A molasses field full of further questions are raised, such as why the cosmos is also filled with invisible dark matter and dark energy. What could be next then, the search for the Satan particle, or the Lucifer lump?

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