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"God Mufon Extraterrestrials Holy Bible Open Mind Universe Earth Roswell Air Force"
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As a true believer in God, I have to say this:  God made more than man, even though we have the Holy Bible, there might be more to the story than we want to really believe.  Remember in the Book of Genesis that God made the earth and the heavens.  Well, this can be interpreted in many different ways.  One of these ways is this:  God made an infinite universe teeming with life other than here on earth.  As a former member of the grassroots organization called MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, I have to say that I had been reaching out for the answers as to whether or not we are alone in the universe.  I say this; we can certainly keep an open mind and say that we are NOT ALONE.

With the opening paragraph here said, we can look at some evidence that we are not alone.  This does not mean that extra-terrestrials are little green men or ugly creatures with many tentacles reaching out to destroy humanity here on earth, but that it could mean that there is plant life or organisms in frozen water on other worlds.  So, extra-terrestrial life is more fact than it is fiction.  There are many, many movies that throw light on the subject and we can look at some of these as merely fiction, but are they really?  Let us take the movie, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind for instance.  This movie adds some factual information to its story and leads into contact being made between man and the grays.  Is all that has happened in the past due to extra-terrestrial interference in our lives?  It is certainly possible.  This is where having an open mind comes in.

I once had a conversation, however short it was, with the former pastor of my church at dinner one night.  I asked him what his thoughts on extra-terrestrial life meant.  He said that he believed in it but that they were demonic in nature.  He elaborated briefly on this and I understood where he was coming from.  He believed that UFO’s were merely craft of fallen angels.  This was interesting, and again this left me with one more theory and a wider, more open mind on the matter.

We can also look at it this way.  It is possible that extra-terrestrials are actually from earth or from a parallel universe.  If it is at all possible to travel in time either past or present, then it is possible that E.T.’s are just that, visitors from our past and from our future.  There are so many possibilities that E.T.’s are more believable than not.

The theory of ufology is a real one and it is one that needs continued study.  I truly believe that the developed countries as well as some third world countries have governments that have the answers to the extraterrestrial question and they are waiting for the right time and place to tell us what they know.  We can believe in the story of Roswell, New Mexico to be that of a downed weather balloon or we can believe that something truly strange happened there in 1947.  Ask yourself this, “Why would the commanding officer of Roswell Air Force Base come out quickly through his public information office that the Air Force has captured a flying disc.? And then quickly, in less than a day, reverse the story and say that it was a weather balloon.

I believe that we will one day get the answers that we seek.  However, because of religious beliefs here on earth, we might find it difficult to swallow the truth.  But like I said in the beginning, I am a true believer in God and I believe that God created man in His image.  Yet, I also believe that He created a way for us to see our past and our present and this has been done through not only the Bible but how it is that He created the universe as well.  Only He knows and only when He is ready to reveal to us the truth about other life, than and only then will we have the answers.

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