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Global Warming cause and Effect

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"Global Warming cause and Effect"
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The Kyoto Protocol was ratified by Newly Elected Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as one of the first official acts so what! With environmental groups and political green parties gloating over their success in this matter it seems now might be a good time to explain exactly how climate change will be affected as a result.

Ratifying Kyoto was a political stunt and symbolic gesture that unfortunately has a mighty sting in its tail. This document commits Australians to an ideology based on populist opinion and unproven science. Energy costs are likely to increase, raw materials and manufacturing costs will also increase as new laws are enacted to enforce compliance yet overall Australians contribute only a fraction of total emissions when compared to the world output. Put another way: The Australian impact on changing world climate after signing Kyoto is likely to be as effective as attempting to increase water volume and flow in the Nile River using buckets.

Debating over root causes of climate change based on widely held beliefs supported by thousands of scientists' does not necessarily make climate change arguments factual. For thousands of years it was a widely held belief in the scientific community that the earth was flat - I suspect some of our world politicians still actually believe the earth is flat! It is also true that it was a widely held belief in the 1970's, supported or course by thousands of scientists', that the world was rapidly plunging into a premature ice age. The only constant in this debate is the earth's climate is indeed changing, the irony is that the earth's climate is always changing!

There is ample and sound evidence supporting the conclusion that current global weather is generally in a warming trend and can be no doubt some of the consequences are likely to be unpleasant. The reality is that several hundred years of weather records are only a miniscule representation of cyclic global weather trends spanning billions of years. Sound geological evidence demonstrate ice ages that have come and gone, polar ice caps that melted and subsequently returned, sea levels rises and falls tens of metres in magnitude and yet none of these previous climate changes were in any way influenced by human activity.

Australia could demonstrating some real leadership by not wasting time on platitudes, symbolism and rhetoric. The world community can also contribute by cleaning up our environment and concentrating on the development of energy efficient systems. Technology is already available but al governments at all levels seem more interested in wasting funds on meaningless pieces of paper that serve only to appease a vocal minority. Let's get serious about the issues of climate change, accept that we can do little to stop a process that has been in motion for billions of years and concentrate on more important issues that positively contribute to looking after the health of our planet.

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