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Global Warming and its Effects

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"Global Warming and its Effects"
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The environment that we know today is changing, and it is changing fast. How exactly? Well more carbon dioxide is now present in our atmosphere, which causes an increased temperature in it; that, my friends, along with other reasons, is called 'global warming'.

Earth was created with an ambiance formed for humans, its air and water is the result of heat balance in our atmosphere. If global warming keeps dominating us, the world that we know today will be much different in the future, enlarged temperatures, rises in sea levels, and huge, extreme storms will control Earth. We have to act now and fight against global warming, or suffer the consequences in the future.

Glacier thickness change - Thanks to Robert A. Rohde and Wikipedia

Above, I have proof that the Artic is without a doubt shrinking! That is the upshot of global warming. Another upshot is the extinction of certain genre of species, research proves that assuming there are 10 million types of species, 1 million of those types of species will be extinct by 2050.

It has been predicted that if the Larsen Ice Shelf - sector C - continues to persevere in our everyday life, and so does global warming, it will fall to pieces in time. It is also predicted that there will be a slight reduction in the ozone layer, which protects the suns ultraviolet light, and more intense, but less frequent hurricanes and weather events. Diseases will also be results of global warming, such as Malaria and dengue fever.

Organizations such as: which currently encloses about 1.3 million members and supporters, are struggling to make a discrepancy in the world by trying to put an end to global warming; that, however, is a hard task to do.

I have searched over the internet for a list of actions that we can take in order to prevent global warming, the list that I found on StopGlobalWarming has really shocked me, since most of the things that are listed there are ignored by me, my family, and most of the people that I know. However, I will start to live by that list, and hopefully, so will you.

Here it is.

By taking those actions, you will be saving 8257$ per year, and 41875lbs of carbon dioxide.

Thank you for reading this small but hopefully inspirational article, and I do hope that we can all just improve our normal life by taking precautions and measures when doing the things that we do everyday.

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