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Global Warming and its Effect on Society

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"Global Warming and its Effect on Society"
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Global Warming.

Why do we just sit and watch our selves fade away on our globally challenged planet? We are lazy. We are too self consumed in our own creation to even realize that all that work will mean nothing when it is destroyed by some path of inhalation to many many things.
Global warming is effecting everything and everyone on this earth. But still, most of the population couldn't care less about what the effects could be. Some countries, however, are helping to fight the challenge. We must see that on a larger scale we will be effected, but we can limit the amount of damage done by it if we act now. We can find an alternative for burning fossil fuels. We can use electricity instead. Solar power, water current, wind mill. They all help in this, what is now called, 'Climate Crisis'.
Canada, as a country, isn't even in the running to help save our beloved earth. If we don't take action as soon as possible, we could, and other generations will, face painful extinction. The time is now. We need to do everything we can to help make this right again. Use less chemicals, ride a bike. Or if you have to drive, then use an energy efficient vehicle, or even carpool. Install energy producers, such as solar panels. Everything helps! If we invest at least twice as much money as we do now, the payback will extremely gratifying!
So, how can we stop this world-wide path of destruction? It's entirely up to you. Do something about it. Tell a friend, a neighbor. Tell anyone to take part. Everything helps.

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