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Global Warming and its Effect on Society

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"Global Warming and its Effect on Society"
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Just imagine its billions of years in the past and the new Earth is barely finished with the first chapter in its long, violent, chaotic, and beautiful history. the new Earth at this beginning stage is far from hospitable, its molten surface bubbling with heat almost to unfathomable to imagine and with none of the familiar features that make it the planet we have come to know and love. As the pages begin to write themselves in the Earth's history the angry planet calms and experiences a series of major events that will inevitably lead to its ability to sustain life. Water, the elixir of life rains down on the young planet's surface and forms the vast oceans, and gasses form to create the perfectly protective and life giving atmosphere. Lets face it our mother Earth was formed at exactly the right time and place to become the spectacular living planet it is today, we as humans and the dominant inhabitants of the planet Earth should count our lucky stars, for without all of these coincidental factors coming together when they did it is likely life as we know it would not exist. In todays society it is nearly impossible to avoid hearing about our planets environmental problems and its changing climate, and one cant help but notice themselves that climate patterns just are not the same as they once were. The simple fact is that human beings had the fortunate evolutionary upper hand of becoming the only animals on planet Earth with the ability to form complex thought and figure out how to use the planet to their benefit. As humans evolved and became smarter they began to become aware that everything they did had an affect on something, whether good or bad. Now humans are at a point in their existence when their intelligence level and their ability to form new technologies has reached an all time high, and so has their understanding of just what their actions mean for the planet. Humans have been given a precious gift, a rare gift the gift of a planet that offers all the elements necessary for a long and comfortable existence filled with wondrous beauty and amazing opportunities to experience Earth at its best. However, People just don't seem to realize that they have been given this beautiful gift, and they don't realize that as the dominant inhabitants if Earth it is their responsibility to sustain the life giving capabilities of the planet. To put it frankly, and I feel that any person and not just scientists can make this observation, our time on this planet is running short! Not only do people continue to deplete natural resources that have become so necessary for our modern lives, but but we are multiplying and expanding at such a rate that we encroach on the untouched ecosystems of this world on a daily basis. The burning of the precious natural resources is having a dramatic and increasingly irreversible affect on Earth's once stable climate. Global Warming as its been called is very very real, and its affects will be devastating to the people of Earth probably in the not so distant future. Sooner than many think the millions of other inhabitants of the planet Earth, those foolishly seen as less important by some because of their seemingly unnoticeable but ever important influence on our lives and those of all living things on Earth. The plants and animals are disappearing almost as fast as the natural resources, and it is believed that within fifty years climate change and habitat encroachment will lead to the disappearance of half of all the other species on Earth, that is if we all make it that long. It is so depressing to think about how a species that was given such a fantastic opportunity with a planet which offers life and a menagerie of beautiful landscapes with amazing creatures to share it with could throw it all away so that they could have luxurious extras that eliminate the need for them to work as hard for their existence. Human beings are one of evolutions most fascinating creations, and with their intelligence could have been Earth's greatest residents, but it apparent at this critical point of no return that they are in fact a destructive virus that has been eating away at the little blue and green planet that had a good run but is quickly nearing its last days.

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