Gall Bladder Surgery Consequences

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"Gall Bladder Surgery Consequences"
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The pain of gallstones may make someone run to the surgeon, but the consequences may warrant additional thought. All surgeries have consequences.

My Story
I suffered from a lot of gas and started changing eating habits to low fat diets my physician ran an EEG because of a concern for heart disease... One evening I had dinner out at a banquet. I followed my low fat diet guidelines. When I arrived home, I called my mother to inform them I won the door prize and started to have gas pains. While on the telephone, the pain increased. Later I could not stand, sit, lie, or walk in a position that relieved the pain. Another telephone call to my mother convinced me that I needed medical care. At the emergency room, the physician first thought was heart attack and considered an additional EEG. Ultrasound that evening found gallstones. Never again did I want to experience that intense pain.

I had the surgery, recovered and returned home. Physician removed the stitches after a week. I told him of my alarm I had when I woke up with bile in my mouth. The physician told me that will happen when I eat too much. The dinner had been a frozen entre and a beverage. More side affects have developed.

Since the surgery, localized pain began in the incision area and strength in the back muscles around from the incision. Sitting and standing with out back support causes stress to the back. At a follow up visit to the surgeon, I endured ridicule fom the physician and his nurse. I asked that him and another surgeon to determine the cause of the problem. Another surgeon told me of several problems that could cause the symptoms. Out of fairness, I allowed the original surgeon to reopen the incision. The surgeon told me he removed fat from the incision area that was causing the irritation. Patients should receive disclosure that this could be a problem if this is possible even if you lose weight. Frequently, I wonder if the surgeon who offered the second opinion opened the incision what he might have found. The pain remained and the strength in the back never returned.

My grandmother had said she could not drink orange juice because of the acid since she had gallbladder surgeon. Family member laughed, but I did not. Highly acidic foods cause immediate pain until the food reaches the stomach.

The Present Surgery does not leave as large of an incision and is not as invasive so maybe these consequences no longer exist. Ask the questions and make an informed decision

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