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Do you want to do things that will earn you respect, acceptance and the opportunity to live a good life as a lady? You will learn how to boost your self esteem, respect yourself and gain respect.

A good way for you to boost your self esteem, respect yourself as a lady more and gain respect from others is to dress appropriately. For example, you should not expose any part of your breasts in public or on television. I am repulsed when I see pictures of women showing the upper half of their breasts.

Do not expose yourself to the same dangers. If you are involved with a man who beats you up, leave him to stop this abuse and do not go back. If you return, you are asking for more trouble. Your abuser will want to continue exerting a sense of power over you and he will think you accept this. You will suffer an accumulation of harm from your injuries the longer you stay with him. One day he might hit you enough times to kill you. Some people suffer enormous brain damage or die from too many physical blows to the head.

It disturbs me when women do not seem to learn their lesson. I have seen Internet reports and heard stories on the radio about a good singer named Rihanna. Recently, Rihanna got into an argument and physical fight with her boyfriend, Chris Brown, who is another singer. Rihanna allegedly caught him cheating on her and complained. A fight ensued and Rihanna was hospitalized with a bloody nose, bruises around an eye, cuts to her face and bite marks on her arms.

Chris Brown has been charged with making a criminal threat against Rihanna, his endorsements have been suspended and his sales are decreasing while Rihanna's sales are rising. This incident is tragic but do you want to know what makes it more disgusting? Rihanna and Chris Brown have supposedly gotten back together. Women who tolerate abuse do not have much self esteem.

Another way to gain respect and acceptance is to not become pregnant without being ready and fully capable of being able to support yourself and your baby. For example, if you become pregnant while you are in high school, other people will probably think you are irresponsible, you will lose valuable time you need to study to complete high school and you will probably drop out, which will lead to an unpromising future.

It is also not a good idea to have a baby out of wedlock, especially if you do not make much money. It is bad enough that children who grow up in single-parent homes or experience a divorce among their parents are more likely to do poorly in school and wind up in prison for committing a crime.

Avoid invoking unpleasant reactions by not breastfeeding your baby in public. Some people do not want to see this, especially in a family-supportive environment. Furthermore, breastfeeding your baby in public can cause a bad or dangerous distraction. I just heard a story on the radio about a lady who was charged with child endangerment after she was caught driving while breastfeeding her child on her lap and talking on her cell phone.

You have learned how to live your life as a lady. By heeding this advice, you can protect yourself, preserve your dignity, increase your self-esteem, project a great image and gain others' respect and admiration.

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