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Gaia and us

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"Gaia and us"
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Gaia will always keep living on, but can we keep living on with it? Do we really think that we are it's masters, and so maybe even also begin to think that we could even live without it, for that matter? Can we really control our own planet in any real way? Can we even control ourselves?

When will we ever realise that there is never a call for controlling anything, and that all we ever need to do is to be. To be with all there is, and to accept that we are a part of all that is, and not something outside of it all, that can control itself from outside of itself. It's ludicrous even to think this a possibility really. For how can a part attempt to control the whole, when that part is only contained after all, in the whole?

No, what we must try to do is to understand ourselves and our world, and so to work with ourselves and work with our World, and not against the World, or against ourselves either. To make of Gaia our friend, and not our enemy. For if we fight Gaia, I think I know who will end up losing. And I am sure it will not be Gaia!

And so I get back to the real question here. Is the earth a living entity unto itself, or not?

Are humans and life itself only living "on the planet," or are they an intimate and actual part of the planet and of Gaia itself, so that it could be said at least some part of Gaia is alive and living? But is the real truth that all of Gaia is alive and living as an entity within itself, and that contains us all as an integral part of itself?

The earth is fundamentally alive on the universal scale of aliveness. It too has a sort of a linkage to itself in the astral and higher worlds. And this is dependent on the living organisms also having this hook up. The earth is a soul, because the soul's themselves allow for it to be so. This means that the soul of the earth is a shadow or created soul from it's own organisms or life forms. And so the health of the earth really does depend on it's own life forms.

The earth also connects to the greater oversoul, or to it's overall position in relation to it's creator or God. This linkage allows it to power itself through the use of a certain energy current that sustains non organic life or structure to stay as structure within itself. Structure is a first step towards life. So the existing structure of our earth is only what is really sustaining us all now. If we alter and try to change the underlying structures without real understanding, we will irreparably start to destroy the hidden connective elements inherent in this structure and which originally gave rise to all life on the earth.

All builds on all else sequentially by following certain fundamental steps and assured directive pathways, and life can not follow, or come about in any other way. As we begin to alter these pathways, by for example warming the atmosphere and polluting the pristine settings of our waters, the lungs of Gaia, we all eventually lose the fight and will be unable to breathe.

And just as our planet is not able to breathe anymore, so we will suffocate ourselves, even as all is suffocating around us. And it is life itself responding to a greater life, and thinking it is above itself that eventually raises or cuts itself down to being below itself again, and so returning to the soil again as in the original set up of Gaia and which will then happen again.

As it is said, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. All will return to the dust they were created from, and Gaia will return to being itself, and so begin to heal itself to prepare itself for the re-emergence of life, and the beginning of it's new cycle in it's own life.

Gaia grows and learns. It is up to us to learn and grow with it, or to be destroyed and to return to it to be "resurrected" again at a later time by it.

Our life is in Gaia, and will remain so while Gaia remains in us. Remove ourselves too far from Gaia, and Gaia will remove us too far from herself. This then remains our critical choice for us, and for our planet right now.

Gaia, to be or not to be? Gaia always will be, the question is are we to continue to be or not to be? And that is the real question for all of us to answer.

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