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Gaia and us

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"Gaia and us"
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"May peace prevail on earth." the sign said. And next to it a flag hung from the keyboard. On the flag was a beautiful sea blue globe of the earth in peaceful blue background of space. A prayer for peace came from the soulful music, as the musician's soul poured out through his fingers onto the keyboard.

The hypnotic strains of the organ-like music almost whispered. "Peace shall come if we meditate on peace, be peace, become peace, and spread peace."

"And if the entire world focused on peace it could happen, couldn't it? Can we make it happen?" I thought.

That was when I picked up my pen and paper and furiously began to write as the doubt flooded into my mind.

"World Requiem," I wrote. My mind took me to the teachings of the dowsers.

Dowsers teach that in order to get the information you want, you have to be specific. Otherwise you will get something, but you will not know what it its. For instance, if you want to know where the water is, ask how deep, how much is there and if it will replenish itself. You may also need to know which direction the water is coming from and where it is going. As you tune into the part of you that is part of the whole, the dowsing instrument moves to tell you yes or no'. Yes the water is more that 50 feet deep. No, the water is not running. Yes, it is a pool. Yes it will replenish itself.

Now how does this related to meditating on peace? I thought, "If we want peace on earth, we might just get it." We could end up with too much peace. How peaceful is a planet totally devoid of life; no air, no water, just a dead planet? Definitely too much peace.

The thoughts came to me. "Be careful what you wish for. Be careful how you wish for it. Wishing might make it so. But action might create a different outcome."

I guess the activist in me just had to speak up and remind me that while I was sitting there meditating on peace, Gaia is dying. She is being choked to death by pollution, and burned with Ultra Violet radiation from depleting ozone. Her streams are drying up as her glaciers melt, and she is losing her forests and wildlife. And we will all die with her.

The tears began to roll down my cheeks as the music opened my heart and filled me with passion; passion for Gaia, for my Mother Earth, for my beautiful planet, my home.

The music had become a requiem for the world and I reached for my tissue.

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