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Bogdan Maglich is a Serbian-born physicist, receiving his Ph.D. in high-energy physics from MIT in 1959. In the following years his rather successful research career took him to Berkeley, CERN, the University of Pennsylvania, and finally to Rutgers, where he was one of the leaders of the high-energy physics research group. In 1974, Dr. Maglich left Rutgers to pursue commercial development of a novel colliding beam fusion reactor.

In the late 1960s, Dr. Maglich developed a new type of particle accelerator, the precetron, which was intended for the study of pion-pion collisions, a topic of great interest at the time for firming up the foundations of nuclear physics. A pion is the primary mediator of the strong nuclear force.

There are three types of pion, an up quark bound to a down antiquark, a down quark bound to an up antiquark, and a superposition of an up quark-antiquark pair and a down quark-antiquark pair.

While at Rutgers, Dr. Maglich proposed that a device based on the operating principles of the precetron might be developed into a practical deuterium fusion power reactor. Fusion reactions resulting from the collision of deuterium ions produce mainly tritium and an extra proton, and only a very small number of neutrons.

Such reactions are called 'aneutronic', and greatly limit problems of radioactive waste disposal in commercial scale operation. He termed this new reactor design a 'migmatron', and has been engaged in further study and development work since.

On leaving Rutgers in 1974, he founded Fusion Energy Corporation in Princeton, NJ. He was still associated with FEC in 1982, but it is not clear in what capacity. In addition, from 1980 to 1983 Dr. Maglich served as Chairman and CEO of Science Transfer Associates, a New York based company who was the lead member of a British-Swedish-American consortium that designed the King Abdul Aziz's Energy Development Center in Saudi Arabia.

It is not entirely clear if Fusion Energy Corporation was renamed Aneutronic Energy Labs, or if the latter is a true successor company, but Dr. Maglich served as CEO from 1985 to 1987, while he was Principal Investigator of a USAF grant to study the migmatron as a potential foundation for fusion-powered spacecraft.

From 1988 to 1993, Dr. Maglich served as CEO of Advanced Physics Corporation of Irvine, CA, among whose projects were the design of a miniature nuclear fission reactor for electricity production.

In 1995, Dr. Maglich founded HiEnergy Microdevices, which later took over HiEnergy Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of neutron-based bomb detection equipment in a reverse takeover. He continued to occupy various positions with that company until being removed from his posts by the HiEnergy board of directors in 2006. After leaving HiEnergy Technologies, Dr. Maglich became president of Centurion Enterprises Corporation.

Most readers of this article will be most interested in the story of a remarkably talented and energetic scientist-entrepreneur. However, referring back to the title of this article, the corporate offices of Centurion Enterprises Corporation are at 2785 Vista Umbrosa, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Their telephone number is (949) 718-9201. CEC is listed as a private company with 5 employees and annual sales of about $390,000. It is not clear which fields of endeavor form the focus of CEC.

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