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Free Energy

The battle to give “we the people” the right to live with free energy has been going on for a long time. Earth Day began in 1970 with the desire to be more in tune with nature and live in a cleaner environment while still producing economical energy. But the goal of free energy and cleaner forms of producing electricity was on the minds of great thinkers long before Earth Day awareness caught on. But misinformation and resistance to change has held this information back.

Nearly one hundred years ago two men began a separate journey to discover a free energy source. Their research determined that radiant energy could power all of our machinery and homes practically for free. The power is known today simply as solar energy. But this information was surprisingly withheld from the general public for a number of years by the Government. Both Nikola Tesla and T. Henry Moray were not taken seriously by colleagues, but were taken way too seriously by Federal Agencies

First came: Tesla.

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943), was an American electrical engineer, physicist, scientist, and was a world-renowned inventor in groundbreaking technology. Tesla was a constant dreamer and thinker. He saw the universe around him with open pages waiting to be explored. He studied hard and imagined just how the universe actually works. He understood the concept of vibration, frequency, magnetism, gravity, and radiant energy.

In Tesla’s day there was no AC power until he invented it! But he knew he could extract energy from thin air. He called this universal power source radiant energy. Tesla was a spiritual and scientific man. He wanted to harness the cosmic energy that gives life to the Earth and which is present in unlimited quantities. That power source is the sun. Tesla knew this awesome power could be used to drive the world’s machines derived directly from the natural energy from the universe itself. Does this sound crazy? Perhaps in Tesla’s time, but today we know this to be true. Just ask the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on what powers nearly all our communication satellites, deep space probes, and not to be left out, the International Space Station.

Only in the last decade has there been an explosion on solar conversion technology. Major companies and the public are slowly catching on to the benefits of solar power that can efficiently store reserve power even when the sun is down. But Tesla was smarter than that. Tesla had made a patent in 1901 called “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy.” Tesla was fascinated by free-energy possibilities and the power of radiant energy. Tesla claimed not only the sun, but other sources like cosmic rays of radiant energy could be used to work his device even at night. He invented the first radiant energy receiver that stored static electricity obtain from the air and converted to a usable form. At a press conference in 1932 on his 76th birthday, Tesla announced he invented a “cosmic-ray motor” that was very powerful, and operated freely on its own power source.

Thomas Henry Moray, Ph.D., (August 28, 1892 - May, 1974) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Utah, America. Moray greatly studied all of Tesla work and expanded on using radiant energy as a viable energy source. Moray’s device (the Moray Valve) used special rectifiers to capture static electricity from the air and produced high quantities of voltage. His research and ultimate goal was to produce “pure electrical energy” from nothing. Many of his applied patents were refused due to the fact that “no energy source” was named for his devices. Because these were “free energy” devices! Moray had to discover what was giving his machines power.

Over many years of research Moray came to the conclusion that the sun is not the sole source of radiant power. Moray’s Radiant Energy discovery is simply put that the universe as a whole is creating an unlimited power source. Cosmic radiation, the light that shines on us is free energy, not just from the sun, but from the entire luminous output of billions and billions of stars in heaven. He determined that no man-made machine could produce the amount of unlimited electrical power to everyone’s home than pure energy coming from the cosmos itself. This energy is constant and always on; even as the stars shine at night.

T. Henry Moray over a thirty year period had designed an energy device he called Radiant Energy. The R.E. machine (weighing less than fifty pounds) could generate fifty thousand watts of power enough to light a dozen homes at one time. Inventions like this were a dangerous business. Moray reported in the 1930’s that he and his family had been threatened, and shot at on several occasions. His research lab had been ransacked and he was warned to stop his public demonstrations and advocacy for free energy. His published books are Radiant Energy, Beyond the Light Rays, Radiant Energy for Beyond the Light Rays Lies The Secret of the Universe, The Evolution of Energy and Matter, and The Sea of Energy in Which The Earth Floats.

Free Energy. That age old dilemma. The public masses want it and the powers that be don’t want you to have it. Unlike a lot of conspiracy theories running out there, this particular one seems to have some basis in truth. Both Tesla and Moray had troubles in just researching in Free Energy concepts. A report called The Sun Betrayed clearly shows how solar energy has been surprisingly suppressed by the U.S. government and held back development of alternative methods of creating electrical power, and by special interest groups like the oil industry.

How could this happen? They have effectively given solar power a bad rap or that it doesn’t work. Tell that to NASA. As the world runs out of oil and advance technology seeks to improve our lives. Innovators are designing ways to capture the radiant energy all around us. It was just a matter of time. For the natural universal life emanating force that shines on all of us everyday gives an unlimited source of positive energy. Let’s enjoy it!

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