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Formation and Path of Hurricane Huge

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"Formation and Path of Hurricane Huge"
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Hurricane Hugo was an infrequent but deadly type of hurricane that is known as a Cape Verde-type hurricane. This rare type of hurricane was first detected as a tropical wave developing on the coast of Africa. The formation of hurricane Hugo started over the western Atlantic on September 9th, 1989. It suddenly turned into a tropical storm on September 11 and then materializing int a full-sized hurricane on September 13th.

It was measured as a category 5 hurricane on its journey across the Atlantic ocean. The hurricane was measured in at a category 4 hurricane as it hit the Leeward Islands then heading northwestward crossing through the east side of Puerto Rico in September 19,1989. Degrading slightly more, Hurricane Hugo flew over Puerto Rico as a powerful category 3 hurricane. Subsequently the hurricane started re-emerging into the Atlantic, downgrading to a category 2 hurricane. Before hitting land once again, the hurricane quickly strengthened back into a category 4 hurricane before hitting the coast.The hurricane continued in this general direction until it hit just out side of a small town called Charleston, Carolina on September 22. In the last 16 hours of the hurricane it strengthened up to a category 4 hurricane again and continue North reaching the lower part of Lake Erie and continuing on to the lower southeastern part of Canada, on September 23, 1989. Heavy rains and high winds where measured in Toronto and Niagara falls that day reaching any where between 60-75 km/h (37-47 mph).

Hugo was the suspect for 21 deaths in the mainland United States, 5 more in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and 24 more elsewhere in the Caribbean. The total cost of damage is estimated around $7 billion in the mainland United States and $1 billion in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The force of the hurricane destroyed many family's houses and destroyed many businesses. The hurricane caused a total of 56 fatalities and many, many more severe to minor injuries. This approximately 14 day long hurricane in September of 1989 was the most damaging hurricane in the history of Untied States at the time but would get passed by hurricane Andrew in 1992. Hugo has been passed by many other hurricane since this incident in 1989.

This incident was very devastating, impacting the Caribbean. Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, The United States Virgin Islands, states in America such as south Carolina. North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New England  and finally Canada. Long lasting relief aid was provided by The Savation Army, The Red Cross foundation  and various churches. Many salvage efforts went into full effect after the storm passed to try and restore everything and bring every thing back to `par`. Due to the strengthen and extensive damage this hurricane caused, it's name "Hugo" was retired following this massive storm and while never be named after another Atlantic storm again. Its name has been replaced by the name "Humberto" in the season of 1995.

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