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Forest Thinning is Essential for Keeping Forests Healthy and People Safe – Agree

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"Forest Thinning is Essential for Keeping Forests Healthy and People Safe - Agree"
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Only through the thinning of the old snags, sickly tree's, undergrowth, and tree's which have fallen through storms can we keep a forest healthy and keep people who live in and around such area's free from Mother Natures cleaning process which is forest fire. If forests are not thinned then they run the risk of Nature taking over. Lightening will eventually strike these area's and a spark will ignite the dead and dying vegetation of the forest and wildfires will erupt.

Nature has its ways to keep the forest regrowing and healthy. One of those ways is forest fire. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I've spent my life throughout the Western States. I've also worked for the Bureau of Land Management so I'm well versed in the dangers of forest fires and also in the necessity of them if managed forest thinning is not allowed. Fire's must ignite to keep the wilderness healthy. If a forest fire erupts in a wilderness area the protocol of it is to manage the burn but let it burn if there is no risk to dwellings or people. This is the way of nature. It cleans out the dying of the forest, it burns up the undergrowth so that seedlings can take over finally and have a chance to shoot towards the sun that is finally provided as the older growth sick tree's are thinned, exploded or tumbled to the ground through the heat of the fire. Its truly the cycle of nature. Its a rebirth in a sense.

But with the ever encroaching borders of civilization taking over and housing springing up where once there was only sagebrush and tree's the risks becoming huge that these new homes will eventually face the inevitable wildfire. The only way to help prevent this is truly through managed deforestation. That means that mankind must step in and log the sick tree's, the older tree's, and the undergrowth. Only by leaving the healthy and green tree's or by cutting swaths through the forest of deforestation and planting new healthy seedlings to start fresh can we ever hope to try to battle the inevitable wildfire and save the new houses that are built amongst what was once only forest land.

So many people don't understand why a tree must be cut to the ground. They only see the loss of that tree's so called 'life'. But in the web that is nature the tree's do not truly live forever. They are cut down by fire to make room for the new tree's. The seedlings must grow. Life springs forth from destruction and fire is the most cleansing of these events.

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