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Five Toxic Ocean Animals

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"Five Toxic Ocean Animals"
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There are many dangerous animals in the oceans of Earth.  Here are five of these extremely venomous creatures

The first creature is the Box Jellyfish.  This surprisingly deceiving organism is often no bigger than a bowl.  Its primary habitat is in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean near Australia, the Philippians, Hawaii, and Vietnam.  One of the amazing features about this jellyfish is that its color is a kind of transparent blue.  Do not be fooled by this beautiful color of this shockingly (ba-dum-tss) amazing killer that has already taken the lives of 6000 people.

The next killer in the sea is the Stonefish.  It lives in coral reefs along Indo-Pacific regions and is extremely lethal to human beings.  In coral reefs, it camouflages itself as the color of stones, deceiving both its prey and the incautious divers that receive its poison.  This poison is extremely lethal to human beings and can cause tissue death, shock, and paralysis.  This creature definitely is a stone-cold killer.

The next marine animal is The Marbled Cone Snail.  Its seemingly innocent bright colored pattern of its skin deceives many unknowing divers.  It stings both prey and humans with its harpoon-like, neurotoxin filled tongue.  Some of the side effects of being stung by The Marbled Cone Snail are experiencing intense pain, swelling, numbness, and tingling.  In more serious cases, the symptoms are muscle paralysis, changes in vision, and respiratory failure which have no cure such as antivenin that can eventually lead to death.  This creature dresses to impress, but do not fall ignorant to its deadly other side.

Like The Marbled Cone Snail, this creature is very exhilarating to look at.  It is the Blue Ringed Octopus.  Its bright colors would attract almost anyone to its golf ball sized self.  Do not let this small size deceive you, though, for it has enough venom to kill 26 human adults in a matter of a few minutes.  Sadly, there is no known antivenin to cure this poison.   It lives on a diet of crab and shrimp in the Pacific Ocean.  It lives in the shallow waters near Australia and Japan.

Last, but not least, there is the Beaked Sea Snake (Common Sea Snake.)  It is found mostly off of the coat of India, Australia, Africa, and the Arabian Sea.  This snake is the most toxic of all snakes in the world, yet it will not attack until provoked.  This amazingly poisonous snake’s venom is eight times more toxic than a cobra’s.  This toxin attacks the muscles of the body and can cause excruciating pain and death unless treated in 24 hours.  This snake can dive up to 100 meters underwater and remain there for 5 hours while hunting for fish and other prey.  Several deaths have been caused by this snake being pulled up out of the water in fishing nets and biting fishermen.

These are just five of the many species of dangerous animals that live in the Earth’s oceans.  Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone looking for information.

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