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"Five Famous Elephant Sanctuaries"
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There are many famous elephants sanctuaries in the world. Two of these are in the United States and the other three are located in Africa. With all of the zoos and wildlife reserves around the world it would seem that elephants would have plenty of places to live, but this isn't always the case. In many cases these magnificent animals are abused and neglected or simply in need of some serious medical attention. In these sanctuaries these elephants are getting a new chance at life. Medical care that they desperately need and socialization with other elephants that have suffered similar fates.

The elephant sanctuary in Tennessee

Founded in 1995 the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee is perhaps one of the most well known sanctuaries. This is perhaps the nations largest natural habitat refuge developed specifically for African and Asian elephants. With 2,700 acres in Hohenwald Tennessee there is room for many of these magnificent creatures. At a cost of $125,000 annually these animals are given a new lease on life in a safe friendly environment. They have many great volunteer opportunities and a wide variety of ways that anyone can help no matter where their location.

Riddles elephant and wildlife sanctuary in Arkansas

Established in 1990 by Scott and Heidi Riddle Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary is located on 330 acres in the Ozark Mountain foothills of Arkansas. A non profit home for elephants requiring relocation for any reason. Internationally recognized as a sanctuary that accepts any elephant no matter the species, gender or disposition.

A wide variety of programs available include elephant experience weekends, international school for elephant management and ways that anyone can help. Adopt an elephant programs are also available for those interested. What a unique gift idea for a friend or family member.

Elephant sanctuary in Hazyview

Hazyview provides a unique fully guided program of education setting itself apart from anything else South Africa has to offer. Guests are limited to ensure personal attention and the most interaction with elephants for each guest. This is a truly unique, memorable and enriching experience for all guests.

Learn about elephant habits, behavior, elephant personalities and anatomy through guide up close and personal interaction with a variety of elephants. Feed them, walk them (trunk in hand) and touch these magnificent creatures. Hands on experience makes for a more meaningful memory.

Live like a king for a day and take a short ride on the back of an elephant in a controlled safe environment. Feel the motion of a live elephant underneath of you as your riding bareback through the safe arena.

Learn valuable knowledge and history of the elephants in Africa.

Elephant sanctuary in Hartbeespoort Dam

Located just an hour from Johannesburg and Pretoria, this elephant sanctuary is at Hartbeespoort Dam in a malaria free area.

Surrounded by indigenous bush and home to other wildlife such as impala, klipspringer, baboons, porcupine, caracal, leopard and many other small mammals and over 350 species of birds these African elephants are living in a “halfway house” for young African elephants requiring a temporary safe home with a hope of releasing them into a more independent environment once they mature.

Elephant sanctuary in Crogs-Pletenberg Bay

Make three wildlife sanctuary stops in one with this sanctuary. Located in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay this scenic garden route of South Africa is located adjacent to Monkey Land and the Birds of Eden sanctuaries.

Five female elephants and one young male elephant make up this sanctuary. A well balanced family unit with a happy and relaxed herd. Exercised and given plenty of stimulation these elephants are provided with a firm foundation to build trust and bonding with their handlers and guests.

Again, guest numbers are limited to assure personal attention and maximum interaction between guests and elephants. Learn more about their behaviour, personalities and anatomy with up close and personal interaction.

To learn more about these elephant sanctuaries and ways that volunteers can help check out their websites or visit one of the sanctuaries today.

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