Finding the Real Meaning of Intelligence

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"Finding the Real Meaning of Intelligence"
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Each person has several intelligences options in which to use to think and solve problems. The real meaning of intelligence is rooted in how a person can, in the absence of illness, take their natural talents and develop them into a life of happiness and productivity.

According to researcher Howard Gardner there are eight basic intelligences: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalist.

Linguistic Intelligence-
Linguistic intelligence is the ability to interpret written and spoken language. Some examples of occupations which require high amounts of linguistic intelligence include lawyers, writers and poets.

Logistical-Mathematical intelligence -
Logistical-Mathematical intelligence is the ability to analyze problems through logic.

Musical intelligence-
Musical intelligence involves recognizing musical pitches, tones and rhythms. Gardner felt that musical intelligence runs in a structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence -
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence is the use of one's whole body to communicate and solve problems. Athletes and hands-on occupations such as mechanics and construction workers usually have high-levels of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Spatial intelligence -
Spatial intelligence involves recognizing pattern-based on space. Interior design is a field that would require someone with a high-level of spatial intelligence. Naturalist intelligence is the ability to draw upon the environment to help solve a problem.

Naturalist intelligence-
Someone who takes to the outdoors and has an affinity for the complexity of nature can demonstrate naturalist intelligence.

Interpersonal intelligence-
Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to interpret and work well with other people. Educators and polarities are occupations which require a higher level of interpersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal intelligence-
Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to understand your own personality and learning type.

Only two, the linguistic and logical intelligences, are, for the most part, the ones fully utilized in the public school systems. Yet, all of these can be tapped and maximized to live a full and enriching life.

The bottom line is that there are many, many intelligent individuals who may not have been successful in school, yet they have the intelligent to discover their natural talents and make the most of them to be happy, to be productive, and to solve significant problems by putting their gifts to good use.

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