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Recently, a man had a seizure standing on a subway platform in New York City. He fell onto the tracks in front of a speeding train. Another man saw what occurred, and jumped on top of him, to protect him from the coming train. He showed no fear of death. His only thoughts were to protect another stranger, who needed help. Would you have done the same thing? Or, like me would you think:"I will be crushed to death if I jump down there." I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of dying. If death is instantaneous, I will probably feel nothing. But if it isn't quick, it can be very painful. What agony might I feel if I am unable to die instantly? What pain will my death bring to my family and loved ones? How can they carry on without me?
In Vietnam, I would fly in an open chopper sitting next to the door without a seat belt. I never gave a thought to the danger. After all, I could be shot at any moment. I was resigned to my fate."Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." words to a popular song at that time. But I got lucky, and made it back home. Time to be careful. Don't blow it now. Some people fear the unknown. They don't remember that we have already "been there done that." "From dust we came. To dust we return." I have no fear of death. But yes,I am afraid to die.

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