Famous People associated with UFO Sightings

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Over the years perhaps tens of thousands of people have seen UFOs. Some have claimed to have seen the occupants while still others have been in the crafts and taken to other galaxies. There is no doubt that many of these people are a little wacky but can they all be whack-jobs?

Included in the long list of people who have seen UFOs are folks with some kind of fame. One of the more famous names attached to UFO sightings is the former President Jimmy Carter. Carter made the claim that in 1969 he and a group of peers saw a UFO in the early evening. Since then many have claimed that what Carter actually saw was the planet Venus. The question remains did former President Jimmy Carter truly see a UFO?

The wife of the Japanese Prime Minister claims to have visited Venus. Actually, she claims her soul was taken to Venus in a triangular UFO while she was asleep. Although she wrote about her experience in a book prior to her husband's election, it seems the Japanese public has no concerns about the first lady of Japan having visited Venus. Perhaps it was the fact that her experience happened 20 years ago that calms any fears the public may have.

Singer /songwriter John Lennon had a UFO sighting in 1973. August 23 saw John in the midst of his famous or infamous lost weekend during which he split from Yoko and took up with his secretary May Pang. He and May witnessed it from their apartment in New York City. Lennon's last recording "Double Fantasy" made reference to his UFO experience in the song "Nobody Told Me". The line from the song is very simple, "There's UFOs over New York and I ain't too surprised."

2007 Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich made it clear during a debate that he did indeed witness a UFO. In the early fall of 1982 in Washington state Kucinich saw a huge triangular UFO. Apparently, Mr. Kucinich watched this object for nearly 10 minutes before it sped off and out of sight with incredible speed.

While it might be easy to write off these encounters as errors in judgments or in the case of the lady from Japan a dream it is not so easy to write off astronauts when they speak of UFO sightings.

Both Buzz Aldrin and Gordon Cooper have made separate claims about sighting a UFO. Perhaps the word of astronauts should be taken at face value after all they have been trained to observe things in space and they have also been trained to identify objects in space. So when gentlemen as well known as these 2 astronauts make a claim of having seen a UFO perhaps we need to listen.

Maybe there is more to this UFO thing than mainstream science and the government would have us believe. We should not take the word of people simply because they are famous but more because of their station in life, like a pair of astronauts.

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