Factors that Influence People to Drink Alcohol

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"Factors that Influence People to Drink Alcohol"
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Our world, our whole society as people have taken up drinking alcohol as a social more for many centuries. Alcohol can be considered a drug if drank all the time and in some cases some people even need rehab for drinking too much. What is it that compels us to drink this substance? Why do we have to drink it, or why do we want to drink it? Well it has to do a lot with how we think and how we interpret certain things, everyone is different even when it comes to drinking alcohol for different reasons.

Being more socially accepted 

A lot of youth especially feel the need to drink alcohol to fit in with their peers. It is almost like a chain reaction, when a teen sees a bunch of other teens engaging in drinking they want to feel “cool” as well and start up on the habit. This is one of the most common cases where a human will take up the chance to drink, it’s main reason is to fit in with the rest of a certain social group. It is almost human nature especially for the young to wish to do so.

Feeling relaxed

This is another very common factor when it comes to drinking. After a stressful day having a drink can be calming, even soothing. It takes the load off of a workload and helps the brain secrete a relaxing chemical when you are already resting. Of course drinking all the time is a bad choice, but a drink every now and then calms some people’s nerves.

Losing one’s problems 

This is another one of the most common factors when taking up drinking, which can in turn cause alcoholism. People under a pile of stress and problems with personal life, business life, or feeling down and depressed about any situation, take up drinking as a problem solver for those few hours, before crashing down into a long sleep. This is probably just as common as using drinking to fit in with a crowd, as we humans deal with many emotions and some of us find that drinking can calm and rid the pain away.

Other reasons why people start to drink can be influenced because they feel that everyone else does it, or just because they are fond of the taste of any type of drink. Whatever the reason, psychology dictates that we wouldn’t be using alcohol if there was no inner reason deep inside.      

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