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I think evolution is funny. I'll tell you why. ( Evolution is defined as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are believed to have developed, especially by natural selection, gradual development, chemistry the given off of a gaseous product or of heat, a pattern of movements or maneuvers. ) When a scientist can't find out why some things are here on Earth. They use evolution for a quick answer. Everything around us can be explained. There are some things in science that will never be found out. For example: What killed the dinosaurs? Was it the Big Bang? Was it a flood? Scientists are fighting about that right know as we speck. 50% of scientists are saying the Big Bang started everything. 25% of scientists are stating it was a flood. The other 25% has no clue. One other thing that is on my mind about evolution is that scientists state that we came from the water or an ape. With evolution scientists state that we came from an ape family. Some have said we came from the sea. There are links missing to make that true. So they use evolution. I have heard. We evolved into the humans we are because of evolution. If this was so. Then why; did a scientist find human remain next to dinosaur bones?

There are several things that scientists from all sides don't want us to know. Because we look to scientists for answers. Scientists may have degrees. But they are as human as everyone. Just like when they don't want people like us to know that somewhere down south in another country. A person and his family have drawlings of dinosaurs, first open heart surgery, and humans walking around when the floods hit and wiped out almost everything on Earth. Evolution doesn't excite in any form. You can drive out to the Grand Canyon and look at the level of rocks. That will tell you that a flood cut out that canyon. Plus find bones of all the animals and mammals scientists are trying to say we all came from.

Almost all the scientists out there are using evolution for evolved. They state that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Yes, feathers have been found on dinosaurs but that is so simple. Those animals where born that way. Drawlings, writings, and even evidence that scientists don't want us to know has it all in there. Then scientists will use carbon dating to see how old something is. I think they better go back and check their equipment. There are things that they can even carbon date. So they sit back and think about what layer of rock did they find it in. Then give it a date. Scientists even will tell you how old the layers are. But that don't make no cents to me. Because when a scientist found human remain along with a dinosaur dating back to 165,000 million years ago. Scientists are saying that we where not here. Sea animals that scientists have stated went existed or evolved are being found to this day. Scientists don't have the answer when faced with it. All they will say is that must of lived through everything when others couldn't.

Face it. Earth is not as old as scientists have been saying. We never evolved from another animal or ape family. Humans have been here on Earth as long as the dinosaurs. The only way scientists know how to put the dinosaur bones together is from the drawlings on rocks some country down south. Evolution is a word scientists use to explain things they can't. Scientists don't have all the answers.

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