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Consider the following: I'm walking along by myself at night. Up ahead I see something floating in the air. It doesn't look like anything I have ever seen before; neither does it behave the way any aircraft should behave.

Now I know military and civilian aircraft intimately. I know how things made by men stay in the air and I know the laws of physics. This thing seems to be violating at least three natural laws. I am looking at a real Unidentified Flying Object.

By definition, any object in the air that I can't identify IS a UFO. It is strictly up to the observer. A rainforest primitive would have no way to explain an AH-64 Apache helicopter to his tribe. To him it was something like a giant dragonfly. It is his UFO.

Another aspect of this phenomenon is the professional debunker. This is usually some man with a level of expertise, possibly a degree and a huge axe to grind. This man spends his time running around the world telling people what they didn't see or insulting their intelligence.

"We all know that the only people who see UFO's are in-bred hillbillies, right? You're not a hillbilly, are you?"

No, I'm not a hillbilly, I'm not in-bred and I'm no moron. Few stupid people ever qualify to perform my line of work and I'm not the exception.

That's a critical point. There is no way a person who wasn't there can tell you what you did or didn't see.
So what if there are no marks on the ground. It was FLYING!

SO what if no one else saw it. I was alone!

So what if it wasn't spotted on radar. Did you ever hear of a thing called "stealth" technology? Do you think it was invented last week?

Because of this tendency towards public ridicule, many intelligent people have refused to admit to seeing anything unusual in the sky. Professors and engineers who become known as "UFO Kooks" soon find themselves unemployed.

Also, what are the odds a debunker would ever publicly admit to seeing a UFO? Not likely, especially when they have a financial stake in "proving" UFO observers wrong (through book sales and radio and television appearance fees).

The most amazing sightings are the mass sightings. We're not talking about visions over some third world backwater. One of my favorites was the dozen or so lights seen over Phoenix, Arizona. One of the wealthiest and most educated cities in America, Phoenix is also not given to overt religious fervor.

It was entertaining watching pundits and skeptics around the nation try to explain away the evidence right in front of their eyes.

I have no explanation for them either. They could be aliens; they could have been flying demons. I don't know.

But I don't have to know either. I'm on the side of those who believe that there are mysteries in the skies over our heads. I believe I can't explain everything.

I'm certain there are unidentified flying objects.

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