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I must say that what I write may not be directly linked to my own beliefs. This will be a stroll around a fascinating subject, so if it clashes with your own perception that is fine. Just remember that this is a stroll and not a preaching of a belief system.

I suppose a stereotypical view of ET's is the thought of little green men flying around. But this is not thought I agree with. I mean this is not to say there is not such a species, but first we must think of the vastness of space and then all the planets within and realise that the structure of other beings would definitely vary. And of course maybe some do not even have physical bodies yes I realise that sounds a little strange but this is not out of the realm of possibility. Our universe is of course all energy at an atomic level and smaller. So who's to say that all aliens vibrant at the same density as we do. I mean our eyes as wonderful as they are only capture a minute fraction of what is going on around us. But then this is not to say they do not perceive themselves as physical beings as their eyes maybe more highly evolved. First thing though I shall share this thought.

Dr Harrison H. Brown (California Institute of Technology) Estimates that virtually every star in our galaxy has a planetary system, in each of which, two or four planets might have an Earth-like environment and chemistry that encourages our kind of life to exist. He gives the enormous figure of 100 billion stars with planets in the Milky Way alone. (There are 450 billion galaxies)

They are some seriously big numbers. But are they correct? I do not know, but to be honest we all know without being astronomers that universe is ridiculously big. In my head when some one says there is no such thing as aliens, this is nothing but an illogical statement. There is no question in my head that beings exist outside of our planet. I would also put forward that there have been races else where in the universe that have long been and gone. Humans seem to perceive ourselves as highly evolved beings but although we are not doing bad, I would suspect there are far greater evolved species than humans. In terms of an evolutionary scale we are actually not that old and as for the characteristics of the human mind well I would say that is still rather primitive in it's ways. I mean think of what we are doing to our planet and all the species that live upon it. But mostly think of the way we treat each other, with our messed up separatist attitudes and our egos flying all over the place causing at times utter chaos. Surely that is not the ways of a highly evolved mind. we have a lot to learn.

So I suppose the question I need to ask myself is have we ever had alien visitation?

A man named Laurence Gardner said this: It took man over a million years to progress from using stones as he found them to realization that they could be chipped and flaked to better purpose. It then took another 500,000 years before Neanderthal man mastered the concept of stone tools, and a further 50,000 years before crops were cultivated and metallurgy was discovered. Hence, by all scales of evolutionary reckoning we should still be as far removed from any basic understanding of mathematics, engineering or science But here we are only 7,000 years later, landing probes on Mars, so how did we inherit this wisdom, and from whom?

So of course his question is related to the theory of guidance by extraterrestrial biological entities. He ponders whether a race came from the stars and helped us make a jump in evolution. Well many may scoff at such a thought and label the man a nut. But the fact is there are many who lean to this theory and it is by no means a new idea or even one that stays at happening around 7,000 years ago. Many people and that includes the man who discovered DNA actually believe or at least lean towards the theory of our DNA originating from some where other than Earth. This theory even has a name and this is panspermia. The theory is that some how the DNA travelled here on maybe an asteroid, meteor etc. maybe even aliens them selves and most likely ended up in the sea and then sparking the evolution of life upon this planet. The reasoning for this theory is that many believe the complexity of DNA could not have evolved in the time between the creation of the Earth and the first life to come about. They think the DNA is just too technical for this occurrence.

But there is a man who has studied the Sumerian tablets and spent many years studying this civilisation, which is believed to be the oldest. And this man, other researchers and many who agree with this believe that some thing took place in this time that effected humans considerably. They believe a race called the Annunaki came here from a planet called Niburu that takes a 3,6000 year cycle around the sun. Now they believe that when the planet came close the beings came here to harvest gold. Now they did not come to harvest gold for wealth but because as there planet moved further and further away from the sun it became very cold. So they were going to turn the gold in to fine particles and put it into their ionosphere to insulate their planet. It is said the humans were used as slaves. But what is said to of happened was the beings interbred with these humans and created a hybrid race, which is thought to be us. I will say that the Sumerians new the Earth revolved around the sun.

Now I will not say I agree with this but what I will say is the evolution of the human race definitely did appear to take a leap both in technical ability and biological form. You see the thing is the theory of evolution is just that, a theory. When Darwin came up with this it was based on assumption. The assumption was the finding of what is known as the missing link(s). He believed it would be found in his lifetime only it was not. Many species have been found that have been believed to be the missing link, but none have stood the test of time and others were just ridiculous. They had built a replica of a missing link all from a tooth. But it was later found out that the tooth was actually a pig of some sort. There was another that was built up because a human femer was found about a meter away from a skull that looked like a humanoid. They built this being up and hailed it as the missing link but it was later discovered that it was nothing more than a monkey skull near a human femer. There was another that they realised walked on all fours but had been standing in a museum for years that was removed. The point is many things have been called the missing link but none of them have been proven to be legitimate. But yet they still teach this in schools. Now I expect the creationists amongst you are feeling quite content right about now. But sit tight because I will get to you now.

Ok so what about religion? Many have also interpreted religion as alien intervention. Angels for instance and also beings depicted in hieroglyphs throughout the ages have been depicted with wings. Now many would say yes angels have wings but many would disagree with this thought and put up the argument of symbolic reference. Now what that means is the wings are symbolic to flight. Lets say for a second that beings had came from the stars and early man had witnessed this. They would see these beings come from above and that they flew to earth. Well early man may not be able describe such things and would use any reference that they can relate to. So what could they use to relate? Well birds fly and they do this through the use of their wings. So the symbolic reference for flight is the wings. So when you look at the glyphs of Sumeria or angels we see winged beings. Could this be symbolic to beings that came from the stars?

Ok so what about the fundamental reasons for most belief systems? Well of course many religions believe in a grand architect of the world, universe and whatever surpasses that. So where did this idea stem from? Well we have the theory of astro-theology that believes that religions are generally nothing more than sun worship and the heavens above. But many believe that there is a little more to it than that. They believe the idea of a god may again be related to extraterrestrials. It is thought that thousands of years ago early man may have just been going about his day when suddenly he may have heard a great rumble in the sky and magical bright lights coming towards him. A ship may have landed; beings came from the ship and maybe departed some information to early man. Now lets say this did occur in fact think about if this happened in our time. We would see these beings as marvels and we may be in awe of their abilities to cross-space and enter our world. But we would not be as impressed or confused as we have reference points to this and of course we talk of possibilities in this very post. But early man would surely be astounded by this strange phenomenon as this is like nothing they would have ever seen. Would these beings be hailed as supreme beings? maybe even Gods?

There is a more spiritual belief as well when it comes to ET's. Many spiritual people believe that ET's walk amongst us. They believe that there is what is known as Earth angels, beings that have the soul of another entity other than human. They believe that in the realms outside ours that they chose/agreed to come here to learn, to teach and to play a part in the evolution of the human mind. Now generally speaking there are a few different types of Earth angel. You have the angelic souls and the wise beings etc, but there are also believed to be something called star-seeds. They are said to be of extraterrestrial origin and they have crossed their souls to here for various reasons. They of course appear human as they have been born into the human physical form but fundamentally they do not feel 100% comfortable here as the souls come from elsewhere.

Now this is just my mind pondering but I have wondered if maybe aliens could even be us? I am not talking about our capabilities at the moment or suppressed technology but one day if we manage to last long enough, we may work out time travel. There have been rumours for years about the humans trying to crack this concept from Tesla, the Nazi's and to things like the Philadelphia experiment. But maybe we will one day understand how such a thing is possible and if we do then I am sure some one would come back. Maybe they would do this onboard some sort of craft and maybe we would perceive them as aliens.

So what about more recent thoughts about the ET issue? Well we had suspected ET activity at a place called Rendelsham forest many years back where it is said over a couple of nights an illuminated craft was seen by military personal. They even went in to the woods to take a closer look where it was said this thing was moving through the trees. They did not have any video evidence but one of the soldiers did take a voice recorder with him on the second night of activity. There has been many instances of UFO's being caught on radar at break neck speeds and pulling off incredible feats of manoeuvrability. There was something that was caught on radar and also seen again by military personal at two separate bases, as well as other sightings through out the night. This UFO was seen coming into Wales and across the west side of England for over 5 hours.

There was also a case in Africa where a ship was said to have actually landed close to a school and beings even came out of their ship. This was said to have been witnessed by many of the children. There is also a tribe in Africa I think called the Dogons and what is strange about them is that they worship a suited like being. They dress some one up as this being and they could be perceived to have the look of an astronaut about them. But what is even more remarkable is that the tribe know the movement of the Sirius star system and this cannot be known by eye alone. It is assumed by sceptics that there must have been some travellers there years ago with a telescope.

And then there is the incident, which the world knows about and that is of course the Roswell incident. Was this a weather balloon or some thing else? I shall not speculate, but this does lead us into a shady area of government cover-ups and black ops. As we all know the Roswell area is home to groom lake, dreamland or the most familiar name Area-51. Ufologists have swarmed this base for years and many lights are often seen flying around the area. Many have gone as far as to suggest the governments are actually working with the aliens without the public knowledge. Whether that is true or not I would not like to speculate. But I have no doubt that our own personal capabilities far exceed what we have been told. We only have to think of the stealth bomber to know that many secrets are kept.

When the bomber came out into public knowledge we where amazed but we soon realised that they had this plane for over a decade. So I think it is logical to say they have long been keeping things under wraps. It is known or maybe believed that there is a plane that can reach a good few thousand miles an hour and this is called the Aurora. But this has been speculated about for many years so if this is true then no doubt they have long since moved on again. We do know that something was caught coming out of America heading out across Europe and off towards Russia. The estimated speed was not far off double figures. (thousands)

There is a man called Nick Pope who worked for the British M.O.D on what you could deem the x-files. He looked into possible UFO sightings for many years and he started off as extremely sceptical about the possibility of ET's. But by the time his job had finished, his mind had changed somewhat. But governments have been looking into this issue for many years. The Americans had project grudge and Majestic 12 decades ago.

Sightings have been going on for years. There was the battle for L.A as well where shots where even fired at some crafts many, many years ago. But even in the wars, lights and crafts where being seen in the sky. As I am sure many have heard off foo fighters. This name was given to UFO's during the wars.

Hitler's men where trying to make disc shaped crafts and many actually believe they succeeded. The Americans took many of the German scientists/engineers under project paperclip after the war and stuck them in bases to get to work could this have anything to do with area-51 and the other black ops that have gone on over the years? We do know German engineers played a huge part in the NASA space program.

In recent years we have had what is known as the disclosure project. Where many military personal, ex personal and, also radar traffic controllers. Have come forward and gave their accounts of UFO activity. Some accounts talk of having to ground all planes because of something hanging around and others are actual sightings around the military bases. There is definitely one but may have been more that actually talk of a UFO coming onto a missile base and proceeding to fry the components of the missiles. The witnesses all said they would be willing to testify under oath as to what they had seen. Now the point of the disclosure project is because they are afraid that humans trying to weaponise space could be deemed as hostile. They believe that their evidence conclusively proves that we are not alone and that these beings are far more technologically advanced than ourselves. So to weaponise space could be a big mistake and one that we must add these beings into the equation when we consider taking such actions.

So what is my personal take on all this? Do I believe we have originated from the stars? Do I believe we have been given a helping hand through out history, not only to evolve but also to maybe even protect us from ourselves? Do I believe that the government has had far more knowledge of this than we are lead to believe? I am an open minded kind of a guy and I would not want to bore you with my thoughts on all this.

I suppose we must remember though. That perceived from the outside that we to in our own right, are extraterrestrials.

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