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"Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction Deaf Ears"
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Is Extraterrestrial life Fact or Fiction ? You be the judge even if you have never witnessed.

There is too much evidence in history which over time was once written down. And Time called it sacred text. Something which did exist, cannot be ignored or be exempt of reality. Facts cannot be fictional accounts, right through time till today. Nor is it a new subject.

Even to go back to the start of what the Old Testament states within their Creation Story,  the Judaic Godhead is 'we', being plural. In this, 'the heaves' ( also plural ) were 'set out as a tent to dwell in.' This could mean nothing less, than to live in. Not just the Planet Earth.

The Garden of Eden was no doubt a new beginning point on earth. With Adam's son Cain being his first-born, 'some-one' had to already be on the earth when Cain 'found himself a wife' outside of Eden. An extraterritorial civilization, already living on earth? His genealogy from then on were not speechless grunting cave dwellers, but builders of cities, pipe organs, and many things from cleaver metal work; indicating a knowledge far beyond a cave.

Even the Australian aboriginals have their cave art, in stark white, and very alien to themselves. Big eyes dominate all their sacred art; human like - not hybrids - as well as 'astronaut' like! Creation tales which also tell of spirit-like humans, right through to the Sky Rainbow Serpent.

The Jews have their 'Chariots of the sky' in their story of the prophet Elijah who never died, but went up into the sky alive. To where ?

We are told of 'when the sons of God saw that the daughters of men where fair, and took them as wives, bearing them children'. These could have been nothing less than extraterrestrials.

Too many intelligent peoples of the world through all ages of their history, and sacred texts, tell of their gods and their ancestors, who 'came from the sky.' These taught them how to live, as much as did the God of Moses of the Hebrews; now Jews. It seems we are so mixed up in blood these days, many have lost site of some roots.

Even to Jesus who when he left said 'I am going to prepare a place for you, so where I am, you can be also' Then was lifted up, in a 'cloud'. He cannot still be floating on one? The same is reported of Mohamed. It is a known thing that Extraterrestrial Craft can use vapor like a cloud, and just appear!

Jesus had to speak in parable analogies, as what he had to say would have been too mind blowing. Yet for any who believed, it was because he could practice what he spoke of. Real supernatural stuff it is termed today!

Reports could vouch that what they did and saw was not normal: yet very real. Real enough to tell and leave record of, as well as last through the ages. Myths are cloaks with truth interwoven, considered by many too far fetched.

As far fetched as many earthlings still 'missing' today' ? What if this is their way now of saying; 'OK, one day we'll bring your missing back, and they will not have aged. Will you believe us then?'

Plus accounts not believed, as even many have told of their experiences. If they do exist, why don't they show themselves?' Maybe, we could reply - for those who are silenced - “ who will believe their accounts?” Sane intelligent people from all walks of life have made report, yet governments still continue to deny. Why ?  Are they afraid ?

Extraterrestrial Life is a Fact; which has existed from the beginning. Why should it be such a cover-up now? Many who do speak have learned it's not worth opening their mouth! It only falls on deaf ears. It's out of too many disbelievers comfort zone. It's not all bad news, but does everyone on earth look the same ? And cannot real human beings be also of extraterrestrial appearance ? Are we so selfish as to claim this Universe for ourselves ?

Has anyone ever been all those light-years away, to prove there is no life beyond Earthlings?


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