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Humans have always debated the possibility that we are not alone in this universe. While the concept of alien life on other planets may sound stupid to some, others find it intriguing and fascinating. Most people who believe in aliens are considered to be stupid and insane by the majority of Americans. After all, U.F.O.’s are just figments of peoples’ imaginations, and can’t be real. Although it is possible that the people who say they see flying saucers could just be crazy or trying to get publicity, it is very possible that aliens do exist.

In the last few years scientists have discovered very many planets revolving around other stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, though only one has the possibility of life on it. A red dwarf star named Gliese 581 in the constellation Libra has been discovered to have an Earth sized planet revolving around it in its habitable zone. It has been named Gliese 581g after its star. Several other planets have been found orbiting this star: Gliese 581 a through e were all suspected to have life on them at first but were proven to be desolate. Gliese 581g though is similar to earth in temperature, size, and climate.

Gliese 581g may be the first planet found that could possibly harbor life. It certainly will not be the last. Our galaxy alone probably has billions of planets that could have life on them. That doesn’t mean that all of these planets do have other creatures living on them, it just means that there are many that could.

I do not know whether or not extraterrestrial life exists I believe it is very possible. Although I find it hard to believe that we are alone in this universe. I also do not believe that any aliens that have come to Earth (if any have) are hostile. If they were then they could easily destroy Earth, because any race that would be able to build a spaceship that could travel all the way to the Earth, could destroy our planet with ease. The universe is vast and is always expanding, so it will be impossible for people to ever search it all. Humans may never find out if aliens exist, but until the end of our existence, we will be searching for life on other planets, because our curious nature will always cause us to search for answers.         

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