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By nature, some people are more difficult than others. They seem to feel more strongly about things, or at least, make their feelings known in a more passionate and explosive way. What doesn't upset you, may send this type of person into a tirade. Events that you take in stride, may spin them out of control. So how does one deal with such a short fused person? Is it possible?

If you see a someone as being "high strung", it is safe to assume that you are a more laid back individual. Chances are, you tend to take their emotional outbursts in stride, and do not allow the drama they bring to a situation to ruffle your feathers. Naturally, this is the best method for dealing with a person who is having an emotional meltdown or tantrum.

If it is at all possible, attempt to reason with them. Without accusing them of being overly dramatic, point out possible solutions that might resolve the current issue they are upset about. Assure them that it is not, in fact, the end of the world. By interjecting rational thoughts into the discussion, you may be able to help bring the outburst to an end more quickly, and productively.

Ask questions! When you show that you are really listening to what this person feels so passionate about, and ask them relevant questions, they will be forced to look for answers or solutions themselves. At times, this is all that is needed to bring a tantrum to an abrupt halt.

Distraction is another way to handle someone who is having a tirade. Change the subject entirely, to take that person's focus away from the thing that is causing them emotional turmoil. While this may not always work, it is certainly worth a try, and well worth the effort.

Allow the rant to play out. This is difficult to do sometimes, but occasionally you are left with no choice. Simply sit back, close your mouth and let them say what is on their mind, no matter how irrational or overly dramatic they are being. Once they have gotten it off their chest, they will usually settle down fairly quickly.

Try not to take their verbal explosions personally. Keep in mind that you are dealing with someone who is naturally more explosive than others. If you are able, filter out the dramatics, the tone and only take from it the content of what they are saying. With practice, this will become easier.

Dealing with difficult and explosive people can be frustrating to those who are around them. Patience is required, as well as the ability to remain calm and respond in a rational manner.

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