Exploring the Theory that Time does not Exist

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"Exploring the Theory that Time does not Exist"
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Does 'time' exist? Or is time, as we know it, man-made? Mankind, likes order, we like to know when to get up and when it is time to go to bed.. Our whole life is dominated by clocks - whether those clocks be biological, mechanical, digital, or cosmic - clocks play the most pivotal role in the life of every human being on earth.

From the moment we are conceived to the moment we are born, grow and die, time is there, relentless. Time is always moving forward, ever forward. There is no stopping time. Yet, what if time did not exist? What then? How would we measure anything? By what would be the basis - the foundation if you will - we would go on in order to know how long a day, a month or year is?

How would we know what time during the day it would be? How would we be able to measure the stars and planets, and how far away they are from each other if not for time? How would we know when we were born, what year, month and day we arrived? There is no doubt that time, as we know it, is man-made, and if this is the case, then time, itself does not exist.

This is the trouble with human beings, we tend to think of time as mechanical and mathematical, but do not consider that it may not exist at all. To the majority of people, that thought is unthinkable, and very hard to conceive of the thought of a world that is not run by time as we know it. But when one thinks about clocks, do they actually measure time? No, in fact time is defined by what clocks measure. Clocks define the time standards for the whole earth. Time is actually defined by the number of clicks on the clocks

When it comes to time, do we actually see it? Think about this question deeply and the answer you will come too is, no. We only see clocks. We see only the hands of clocks measuring time, but never time itself. This is further proof, if proof were needed, that time is man-made and does not exist.

Some may say what about the ageing process, is that not proof that time exists? Again, like clocks that measure our physical reality of time and give us a basis and foundation by which to work from, the ageing process upon a body does not prove that time exists. It merely implants within our subconscious minds - or reinforces if you like - that the forces of nature are working upon us. We just see this as time, but again as stated above, time is man-made and does not exist.

The hands of a clock are physical variables, so therefore, are we cheating? Yes we are, this is because we are witnessing physical variables as a function of other physical variables. However, we represent that as if everything is evolving around time. Time is fictitious, it is fictitious because we invented it, devised it.

We do not actually see, time, instead we represent what we, in our vanity believe how time should look. However the thought that time itself is fictitious and does not exist does not go down well with many scientists. However, scientists must think of it like this, that everything changes, humans, animal, plant and fish life...even the landscape changes over the years, but time is never changing, this is because time does not exist.

Time is a figment of our imagination and does not exist as an orange, stone, or metal exists before our eyes, Time has never been seen, only the effects of what we call time, has been seen on our bodies, other people and objects around us.

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